We blame society but we are society

Some times what we see is not real, what we hear is not the truth, and what we say is not right. The difference between right and wrong is too deep that if we tried to step into it we will fall into a large cluster of good and bad which is hard to differentiate. I always imagined that there must be way to finish badly from the world, keeping in mind that nothing is impossible. The problem is we do what we think is right in-spite of what is actually right, and the day this right will come into the field nothing can stop us to kick out the bad. Just thinking about doing right, finishing bad, telling truth, being educated cannot change the society or make us a good person the basic need of changing the society by is by action. Not just thinking about the right but actually doing it, by treating every one with not just equality but by equity.

We blame society but we are society

Teaching of Islam

According to Islam all Muslims are brothers to each other so why don’t we behave like one, today in our society, there are many discrimination among the people on the basis of cast, color, and creed and so on. If this difference last longer there will be no humanity, if no humanity, no unity, if no unity, no welfare of society, if no welfare of society, no country, if no country, no freedom and at last people will suffer for what they themselves did!

Their past will destroy their future and in order to finish these increasing discrimination we shall treat everyone equally no matter rich or poor, black or white and so on…

We blame society but we are society

Effect of Social media on society

Today our society is going in a wrong direction. People pay more attention to social media instead of reading books and gaining knowledge. I am not saying that we should not use social media but if something has advantages than it also have disadvantages.

In my opinion, we should fight for the right, because whatever is happening in our society is not something to proud of. Many intelligent people of Pakistan could not succeed just because they are poor and the rich thief’s, goons, and all bad people are what we have in the form of politicians, prime ministers, leaders etc. Our country is in the wrong hands and we need to stop this.

We blame society but we are society

Another problem is that if we get some news (true or not) we pass it on just for fun and for more reactions and to make the so-called “gossip”. We do what we see, we adopt what everyone else is doing out there, and even after knowing it’s wrong we say “the world will not change if only I do the bad” and we don’t think that if everyone will think like this obviously the world will change but in a bad way. So, why don’t we use our brains and think a little.

We blame society but we are society

Everyone say the government is corrupt but what about us “aren’t we corrupt”. We don’t do our jobs properly, nor we do right and neither help people in their hand times and how will us, if we, ourselves never stop wanting things we all are so into our own selves that we don’t know anything about what’s going on in the world. We must stop wanting things and be grateful to Allah for what we have and still if you have so much than what you need give it to the one’s suffering, who don’t have shelter and food but are still happy and grateful.


We can change the society by changing ourselves and by bringing the right and removing the bad not only by sitting on one place and thinking about it but our actions, words, and deeds and by doing it because:

              “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

We blame society but we are society Author

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