Unit 10 Drug Addiction MCQs – Class 9 Chapter 10 MCQs 2024

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Unit 10 Drug Addiction MCQs

Post TopicChapter 10 MCQs
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Chapter/FullChapter 10
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Drug Addiction MCQs

Unit 10 Drug Addiction MCQs – Class 9 Chapter 10 MCQs

Use ‘who, whom, that, which, whose’ in the following sentences.

1: These are the colored pencils __That__I want to buy.

2: I know the woman ______Whose______ child was hurt.

3: The old lady ____Whom_____ we met in the shop was Amina’s grandmother.

4: This is the girl ______who_____ stood first in the class.

5: Shazia likes the candies ____That_____ her father brought from the market.

Write suitable adjective clauses

1: Where is the book ____that I misplaced___?

2: Any student _______who breaks the rules_______ will be punished.

3: I know the woman ____who lives next door____-.

4: That is the girl _____who won the competition__________.

5: Where is the man _______who was sitting here earlier_____?

Unit 10 MCQs
Unit 10 Drug Addiction MCQs


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