The silence unwraps

God dwells in silence and nature is a bridge of communication between divine and creature. Nature witnesses his presence. To express witness he uses the language of silence. The silence that is speechless, soundless but speaking, only need is to understand this voiceless echo of almighty’s presence.

The silence unwraps

Silence Explicit

The entire universe i.e. the heavens, earth, the light, and darkness has a connoted silence of divine existence, and with only this mean of communication between creature and the creator  we can understand his glory. Every Development, change and growth of universe occurs in a silent way like the speechless silence of darkness fading away in a tone overlapping with light that emerge out of darkness by the gradual assemblage of a beam to beam is like connecting a melody to melody embracing the music we call the dawn.

Moments pass and the dawn matures with light and temperature carried by sun.  The pitch of light rouse by rising of sun with intensity in its rays embraces many things to the human’s dwelling, light up the world, growth of flora and fauna like it germinates a seed within the womb of the soil with extreme silence which developed to a bud exploding the lips of the earth silently. The striking of sun rays with face of earth gives it warmth and germinates a seed within its womb which then open the earth’s lips with a tiny stalk  producing a bud ,this bud unwraps in a beautiful , fragranced flower.

The entire process is a like a composing a silent music, weaving melody (beam) to melody (beam), connecting chain (striking with earth’s face) to chain (Grows seed in to bud) gives rise to a silent music we call the flower.

Edwin Curran an American Poet calls the flowers a silent music in his poem “Flowers” .The Stanza taken from his notable poem explains it as.

“Flowers are the music of ground!

From earth’s lips spoken without sound”

Almighty Interacts

God speaks and communicates silently ,every silence worth a lot, contains mysteries a lot, treasure of knowledge a lot, signs of understanding the divine vision, knowing the intense love of the architect supreme(Allah) .so  just plowing is in need to know what does these silences mean? What message they convey and what secrets do they hide. !

The silence unwraps

Architecture & Silence

So is Architecture …a music of silences, speechless soundless (materials doesn’t speak) but witnessing .it can only be observed and understood. Similar the mean of communication between users, design and the architect is a solid silence, a silence that whispers its story, the story is about composition of form, style, materials, configuration of spaces and relation with its context. The story is wrapped in silence, it’s a music without words which reflects the ability of its writer (Architect), its singer (Architect) and its time. Architectures defines living standard of people, reflects a culture and the ability of architect who designs. Emerge from context like flower from its buds, a beam falling from sun, architecture grows like a baby of parents that need an intensive care to nourish. The only thing differentiating is its silence, speechlessness, and soundlessness.

Muhammad Ishtiaq Writer of The silence unwraps

Muhammad Ishtiaq

Special thanks to: Muhammad Ishtiaq
Profession: Architect.