Technology Addiction

Now a day’s man has become so much addicted. Some are addicted towards drugs some towards shopping and some towards gambling and etc. On the other hand technology is one of the most addictive thing. They are invented for the ease of humans but they themselves are making humans dependent on them. And the interesting fact is that man do blame technology when they are in some sort of problems. Students when wake up in the morning for education purpose first check social status then do some work. This is of the big social addiction of our generation.

Phones are always being enhanced by developing their functionalities, which thus improves the probability of abuse and enslavement. As indicated by the PEW Research Center, 67% of cell phone proprietors have confessed to checking their telephone for calls or messages when their telephone didn’t vibrate or ring.

Technology addiction

Technology fixation is a wide term that alludes to the wild inclination to utilize mechanical gadgets, for example, PCs, advanced mobile phones, and gaming frameworks. Innovation dependence seems, by all accounts, to be more pervasive among young people, however is found among the more extensive populace also. As indicated by the International Journal of Nero-psychiatric Medicine, upwards of one of every eight Americans experiences some kind of innovation compulsion.

Technology addiction

Like different kinds of habit, innovation dependence can run from direct to extreme, and a few analysts say that like different addictions, individuals who utilize their telephones or remain online for a long time a day encounter a comparable “high” — and furthermore feel withdrawal when cut off. It’s not just the measure of time went through with the advanced gadget that characterizes a fiend, however, yet how inordinate utilize antagonistically influences somebody’s psychological and physical well-being, everyday life, connections and scholarly or work execution.

As per Hilarie Cash, PhD., fellow benefactor of the ReSTART Internet Addiction Recovery Program, side effects can include:

  1. Impulsive checking of instant messages.
  2. Visit changing of Facebook status and transmitting of “selfies”.
  3. A sentiment elation while on the Web.
  4. Social withdrawal.
  5. Loss of enthusiasm for exercises that don’t include a PC, telephone or device.
  6. Sentiments of fretfulness when unfit to go on the web.

Roots of technology fixation

  • Condition of a person’s psychological wellness – Technology abusers are probably going to have basic medical problems, for example, tension, sleep deprivation, and despondency. They likewise seem to have propensities towards indiscretion.
  • Identity attributes – Individuals, who tend to mind their own business and modest far from social contact with others, tend to locate the on the web and innovative condition all the more inviting to associate with others in a way where social contact is restricted. These people are more inclined to innovation enslavement since they tend to utilize innovation on a continuous premise to satisfy their social needs.
  • Natural variables – Individuals, who encounter abnormal amounts of worry in their everyday conditions, for instance at work or school, are more inclined to use innovative gadgets to diminish pressure and occupy them from their present circumstances.

Developmental symptoms

Technology addiction

This technology addiction also called internet addiction affects your behavioral activities a lot and are main cause of your fairness from your friends’ family and environment.

  • You become highly involved on the social media avoiding all the surrounding activities and matters.
  • You start avoiding and disliking your gatherings and want to spend your major time on internet.
  • Not getting enough sleep which also cause dark circles.
  • Shunning events that were once entertaining for you.

Body symptoms:

  1. You start to become fat and twitch to gaining weight as you always spend time while sitting.
  2. Frequent headache due to over usage of same thing.
  3. Vision problems.
  4. Increase in aches and stiffness.
  5. Carpal tunnel disorder.
  6. Dry red eyes.

Tips to break your bondage

There is always a way to get rid of addiction. For this one must promise to himself that he will bound himself towards these precautionary measures.

  1. Switch off your electronic gadgets.
  2. Divert yourself toward other activities and try to think that mobile technology don’t exist.
  3. Be strong in your will. Once decided, don’t get back to that again.
  4. Go on walks for releasing stress instead of putting hand frees.
  5. Hangout with family and friends.
  6. Find a hobby other than technology usage.
  7. Make a time table and just use technology for some specific period of time.
  8. Do meditation, yoga and nap if feeling tired.

As Albert Einstein quoted:

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”