STA301 Important Topics For Final Term 2024

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Students you know these are Statistics and Probability Final Term Important Topics for the virtual university students who have this book STA301 and their students looking for the Final term MCQs.

STA301 Important Topics

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STA301 Important Topics For Final Term

  • Covariance of two Random Variables
  • Correlation of coefficient of two random variables + Example
  • Binomial Distribution with properties
  • The formula of binomial Distribution + See formula of
  • Mean and variance on Properties of Binomial experiments
  • Hypergeometric Distribution Properties + Formula..
  • Properties of Hypergeometric Distribution with properties
  • Poisson Distribution
  • Properties + Formula + just see examples
  • Uniform Distribution + Formulas (219,220)
  • Normal Distribution Properties + formulas( see images)
  • Inferential Statistics + Types of Inferential Statistics
  • Definitions +Formulas
  • Mean and Variance of Population Distribution
  • Mean and variance of Sampling Distribution
  • Sampling Distribution of P hat
  • Sampling distribution of difference of two values
  • Point Estimation
  • Desirable qualities
  • Efficiency
  • Method of Point Estimation
  • Method of Moments
  • Confidence interval Formula
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Definitions Formulas + properties
  • Level of Significance
  • Type1 And Type2 Error
  • Requirements of T-Test
  • Requirements of F-Test
  • Formulas + Properties + Mean and Variance Formulas
STA301 Important Topics
STA301 Important Topics


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