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Research Methods Solved MCQs

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Research Methods MCQs With Answers

1: The final stage in the coding process is

Data entry
Data cleaning
Production coding
Code construction

2: The faculty members of a university consist of 85% staff with a master’s as the highest qualification. The rest of the 15% can be divided as 10% M.phill, 4% Ph.D. And 1% post-doctorate as the highest qualification. A researcher wants the sample of each category in a proportion as given above. Which of the following is the best choice for him to take a sample?

Quota sampling
Convenience sampling
Simple random sampling
Snowball sampling

3: Which of the following terms best describes data that were originally collected at an earlier time by a different person for a different purpose?

Primary data
Secondary data
Experimental data
Field notes

4: A form of the nonequivalent comparison-group design is recommended when:

It is not possible to control for a basic history effect
It is not possible to randomly assign participants to groups
It is not possible to identify two groups
All of the above

5: Which of the following elements are NOT included in Observation in Non-reactive research?

External Appearance
Count Behaviors
Time Duration

6: Which of the following describes the situation in which the control variable intervenes between the original independent variable and the dependent variables?

Replication pattern
Suppressor variable pattern
Negative linear relationship
Interpretation pattern

7: Which of the following techniques yields a simple random sample?

Choosing volunteers from an introductory psychology class to O participate
Listing the individuals by ethnic group and choosing a proportion O from within each ethnic group at random.
Numbering all the elements of a sampling frame and then using a random number table to pick cases from the table.
Randomly selecting schools, and then sampling everyone within the school.

8: is a measure in which the researcher captures the level of a variable construct.


9: In frequency tables total of columns and rows are called:

Body of table
Cell of table
Area of table

10: In order to read a table, students should first look at:

Variable labels

11: Which of the following would generally require the largest sample size?

Cluster sampling
Simple random sampling
Systematic sampling
Proportional stratified sampling

12: Assigning numbers or other symbols to the responses, to group them into a limited number of categories is called


13: The group that does not receive the treatment is called:

Experimental group
Control group
Independent group
None of the given options

14: Researchers read percentage tables to make:

None of the above

15: Which of the following measures of central tendency is referred to as ‘the most common or frequently occurring number’?

None of the given options

16: Which of the following would allow me to have the MOST control over environmental variables when conducting a research study?

True experimental design
Quasi-experimental design
Case study

17: All of the following options are ethical issues in lab experiments EXCEPT:

Exposing participants to physical or mental stress
Deceiving subjects by deliberately misleading them
Debriefing the participants accurately after the experiment o is over
Using research results to disadvantage the participants

18: Which of the following is not something a researcher will have to consider when thinking about their sample size?

Time and cost.
Length of questionnaire.
Heterogeneity of population.

19: Which of the following options is the first step to conducting an experiment?

Choose an experimental design
Develop a hypothesis
Develop valid and reliable measure
Locate appropriate subjects

20: Which of the following is not true about stratified random sampling?

It involves a random selection process from identified subgroups
The proportions of groups in the sample must always match their population proportions
Disproportional stratified random sampling is especially helpful for getting large enough subgroup samples when subgroup comparisons are to be done
Proportional stratified random sampling yields a representative sample

Research Methods
Research Methods MCQs


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