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Physics MCQs with Answers
Physics MCQs with Answers Online Reading

Physics Solved MCQs with Answers

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Physics MCQs with Answers Online Reading

1: The antiparticle of an electron is:


2: According to the first law of thermodynamics, applied to a gas, the increase in the internal energy during any process Equals the heat input plus…

the work done on the gas

3: The approach to personality stresses that people possess a basic goodness, and have a natural tendency to grow to higher levels of functioning.


4: In a photoelectric experiment at a frequency above the cut-off, the stopping potential is proportional to The energy of the most energetic electron after it is ejected….confirm from the net

There is a temperature at which the

5: reading on the Kelvin scale is numerical:

Is Not Equal to that on the Celsius scale

6: The special theory of relativity is applicable to the object moving with maximum velocity equal to:

Speed of light

6: According to the special theory of Relativity

All forms of energy have mass-like properties

7: In constructing a thermometer it is necessary to use a substance that:

Undergoes some change when heated or cooled

8: A particle with rest mass m moves with a speed of 0.6c. its kinetic energy is:

0.25 mc2

9: J.J Thompson’s measurement of e/m for electrons provides evidence of the:

Particle nature of matter

10: Polarization means………

Polarization refers to the orientation of the oscillations of light waves, not altering their wavelength

11: The emission of electrons by metals on heating is called

Thermionic emission

12: The specific heat of a substance is: the amount of heat energy per unit mass to raise the temperature of the substance by


13: An erect object is in front of a convex mirror a distance greater than the focal length. The image is:

Virtual, erect, and smaller than the object

14: A student rubs a rod held in his hand. Which action causes the rod to gain a large electrostatic charge?

Rubbing a polythene rod with a woolen duster

15: Two parallel straight wires carrying current in the same direction

will exert magnetic forces that cause them to attract each other

16: The process for which entropy remains constant is:

A reversible process

17: The appearance of colors in thin film is due to:


18: Greenhouse gases absorb radiation


19: The theoretical upper limit for the frequency of electromagnetic waves is:

the Planck frequency, determined by Planck’s constant

20: Heat has the same units as:

Heat is measured in units of energy, typically joules (J), while work is also measured in units of energy.

21: The capacitance of a capacitor in a vacuum is given by

A eo/d

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