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PHY101 Quiz 4 Answers

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PHY101 Quiz No 4 Solved

1: The special theory of relativity treats the problem involved:

Accelerated frames
Non inertial frames
Inertial frames
Any of these

2: Select the correct statement:

Radio waves have a higher frequency than gamma rays
Gamma rays have a higher frequency than infrared waves
Blue light has a higher frequency than X-rays
Ultraviolet light has a longer wavelength than infrared

3: The Stern-Gerlach experiment makes use of:

a strong uniform electric field
a strong uniform magnetic field
a strong non-uniform electric field
a strong non-uniform magnetic field

4: A transparent refracting medium bounded by the two curved surfaces called:


5: Light passes from a material with an index of refraction of 1.3 into one with an index of refraction of 1.2. Compared to incident ray, the refracted ray will

Bend away from the normal
Have more intensity
Not bend
Bend towards the normal

6: which of the following is the difference between sound and light waves:

sound is a longitudinal wave rather than a transverse wa
sound does not require energy for its origin
sound is a torsional wave rather than a longitudinal wave
sound is not subject to diffraction

7: In constructing a thermometer it is NECESSARY to use a substance that:

Undergoes some change when heated or cooled
Will not freeze
Expands linearly with rising temperature
Will not boil

8: A thermometer indicates 98.6. C. It may be:

In a cup of hot tea
In a comfortable room
In a normal person’s mouth
Outdoors on an old day

9: Which of the following electromagnetic radiations has photons with the greatest energy?

radio waves
x rays
blue light
yellow light

10: The Pauli exclusion principle is obeyed by:

all particles
all particles with spin quantum numbers of 1
all particles with spin quantum numbers of 1/2
all charged particles

11: A Kelvin thermometer and a Fahrenheit thermometer both give the same reading for a sample. The corresponding Celsius temperature is:

574? C
232? C
301? C
614? C

12: An electron (m=9.11×10-31kg) has a momentum of 4.0×10-22kg m/s. Its kinetic energy


13: A calorie is about:


14: Interference of light is evidence that:

light is a transverse wave
light is a wave phenomenon
light is electromagnetic in character
the speed of light is very large

15: An erect object is located between a concave mirror and its focal point. Its image is

Virtual, erect, and larger than the object
Real, erect, and larger than the object
Real, inverted, and larger than the object
Virtual, inverted, and larger than the object

16: If two objects are in thermal equilibrium with each other

They can not be moving
They can not be at different temperatures
They can not be undergoing an elastic collision
They can not Terent pressures

PHY101 Quiz 4


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