Part Time Jobs for Students & Teen Agers

Part Time Jobs for Students & Teen Agers
Part Time Jobs for Students & Teen Agers


Part time job is the requirement of students whose parents can’t afford their study expenditures due to low income or they died. So, students can explore income resources around themselves as part time along with their studies.

Simple Calculation

It is a simple calculation that in one day there is 24 hours and how we manage it to be succeed. According to the studies of science that a man need 6 to 8 hours of sleep in 24 hours. If we minus 8 hours from 24 hours we have 16 hours which we can mange according to our requirement.

If you are regular student of school, college or university you have be in instute for 8 hours  to study and if we minus 8 hours sleeping time, 8 hours study time from 24 hours we have 8 hours remaining. In 8 hours we can play, do part time job and improve our skills.

Total Hours of Day = 24 Hours

Pie Chart of 24 Hours
Pie Chart of 24 Hours

For now, we are talking about the part time job and by doing part time jobs we can earn 9000 to 15000 monthly. Following types of Part Time Jobs we can do in 4 to 8 hours.

1. Tutor

If you have excellent academic background and you have ability to teach or share knowledge to other then you can work as part time tutor. You can work as home tutor or as tuition teacher.

In home tutor, you teach all subjects to one student and help him in their homework.  As a tuition teacher you teach one subject to more than one subject same like in classrooms.

2. Stores Salesman

If you are able to handle more than one customer and have good math skills. Then part time store Salesman Jobs are for you. As a part time salesman you can get income 9000 to 12000 monthly by working 4 to 8 hours daily. My friend work as the Bakery salesman and he work more than 8 hours. And he open bakery at 6 AM in morning and leave bakery at 12 PM and came to university at 2 PM and again go back to bakery at 9 PM and leave bakery at 12 AM. In a single day, he work 9 hours in bakery.

3. Painter

If you have some basic skills of painting. You can work as a painter in your area. You can deal to paint house, room at a fix price. In fix rate job, there is no limitation of hours to complete a job and they work in their desired hours.

4. Cleaning Service

Many peoples have no time to clean their homes, offices or yard. And also they need trusted peoples to clean them. So, you can earn money by providing cleaning service to them. And according to many studies, cleaning service providers earn more money than other.

5. Mechanic/Electrician

When something stop working and we need maintenance service we provide more and more money to mechanic/electrician. Suppose, if you home supply is disconnected due to some issues. Can you imagine live without electricity ? Yes, without electricity every home appliances will not work. Like water pump, micro oven, heater, fan, TV, Laptop and most important thing mobile. So, these appliances need electricity for functioning.

We travel a lot by the power of engine. And if engine got stuck, we unable to travel. For service or maintenance of engine, mechanic play’s an important role. So, earn 500 or more labor cost in one hour service.

So, if you have some special skills like mentioned above, you can enjoy study and job at the time without any financial issues.

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