My Future Profession Teacher

“If you are a teacher…..!”
If you accept or not, almost all teachers came in teaching field accidentally. No body devastated teaching department more than the teachers themselves. Teachers decrease their own value and respect in society. They feel shame, when someone called them by such word “teacher”(ustad jee). However, it is proved that world gives respect to those who respect himself. So, when our teachers don`t feel their own respect, then society will be unable to provide respect to them.

My future profession teacher

Disrespect of Teacher in Society

Insulting of teachers start due to “Corporate Education System”. All institutions are corporate: Schools, Colleges and Universities. They consider their students as “customer” while parents observe teachers as “businessmen”.

Islamic way of teaching

Have you examined or asked from teachers that when they read their last book? And which book? Often, teacher himself don`t read books and nor wants to learn new things. Then what he will transfer to next generation. As study is the only way of mental growth. If you are a teacher and you don`t read books at least for an hour on daily basis. You are a big cruel for your students. Every time, you will become angry on your students because you are facing them with dull mind. Now, it`s a very toilsome situation for you.

You have only two options:

1) Leave this job.

2) Adapt Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) teaching method.

Hazrat Anas (R.A), a student of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) for nine years, said that he has never seen Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) very aggressive on his bad deeds.

According to person`s experience, students never learn from books. As books are non-living things. They need “Role Model”(practical example). Take Quran is an example, it has also a very impressive “Role Model” like Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). Remember that, if teachers has no aim in his own life then how they will help in developing goal for their students.

My future profession teacher

The main problem is in hearing and specking. Almost, all teachers are very fond of speech. Sometimes, they dishonor a student in the whole class. But they are unable to hear student problems and help them in solving it. As a teacher, you will earn dignity from your students when you start hearing to them. And it will leads to a friendship environment.
Interestingly, students like those subject whose teacher is friendly. It’s the peak point of your teaching when students call you in “Free Class” to take class with them. And they become depressed, when you are leaving class. Sun can`t told that I am coming out and it is morning. Flowers can`t announced that I am getting out. But their light and smell informed us about their presence. Same is the case with real intelligent teachers, that they will be defined to the entire nation via shaping dazzle students.


If you are a teacher and you came in this field accidently. It`s time to develop your own interest and love to this profession. According to Ghalib that every person feels confusion and tiredness in performing his duty but it is his love and commitment to his job that prevents all the hurdles from his track. So, love your duty. Allah will give you much respect which you have never think. And the main advantage is that Allah will increase your foodstuffs. Martin Luther King has said “Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”

Special Thanks to Salman Shah