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MTH401 Current Papers Midterm

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MTH401 Current Papers For Midterm

Mth 401 Today paper

Mcqs mostly variations of parameter ka they

Short ma Bernoulli equation aur two Integrating factors ka they

Long ma original trigonometry aur Integrating functions the

MTH401 Current Papers No 2

Mth401 2:30 pm
Mcqs 6,7 from past papers
Baqi handouts sy easy thy
1: 2 – x=
Ans: D>2
2: 1-7x>2+ 5x>3
3: The value of amplitude in the solution X=40sin(7T+4) is
Ans: 40
4: When the Newton’s 2nd law is combined with the Hook’s Law we can derive a
differential equation governing the motion of a mass attached to spring–the simple harmonic motion.
Ans: Hook’s Law
5: If -2,-2 are real roots of a differential equation then the general solution is
Ans: y = (c1 +c2x)e-2x
6: If initial temperature of the cooling body
Ans: k(T-Tm)
Subjective part
1: Y1=cos2x., Y2=-cos2x
are linear dependent.
2: linear differential sy related 3 question thy.
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MTH401 Current Papers

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