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MTH202 Current Papers Midterm

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MTH202 Current Papers For Midterm

MTH202(11 December)
MCQZ bht easy thy sary files sy thy or mam kinza bilal ki videos ma sy
Subjective part ma:

1-Diagram thi AND,OR, NOT function ki usky elements likhny thy jesy lecture 6 ma hy

2-Is f(x)=Xpower4+4 Is one to one function or not?

3-let A positive odd number less then 20
and B prime numbers less than 20
So find A intersection B,

4- Suppose that R and S is reflexive then prove or disprove that R intersection S is reflexive.

5-function tha wo solve krna tha by two condition wala

Paper ki tyyari handouts sy sary lectures ma sy hj aya tha but lecturers from 19-22 in my sy kuch nhi aya

Lectures leny ky bad just mam kinza bilal ki 3 videos hain midterm preparation ki youtube py wo krlien
Or aik file hy jismy sy zyada Msqz aye

MTH202 Current Papers No 2

Mth202 today’s paper 📝
Date:12 dec2023 at 9:30 ⏰
Objective part 〽️
Mostly from Miss.kinza bilal midterm preparation video on YouTube
Mcqs mostly inn topics sa related aaya hoa tha👇🏻👇🏻
3,4 mcqs Laws of logic ma sa tha
relation diya hoa tha uss ki matrix form batani thi
A.P aur G.P ki required term batani thi given expression k liya
Relation given tha identify karna tha k reflexive ha, transitive ha ya symmetric ha
Function onto kab hota ha aur one to one kab hota ha iss sa related b tha
(f-g)(x) & (f+g)(x) find karna tha
Recursion k kon kon sa parts hota ha

Subjective part 〽️
Mostly 1 to 19 lectures sa hi Questions tha
P= it is raining & q= it is cold. (a)~p. (b)~Pv~q (c)p^~q inn ko sentence form ma likhna tha
Negotiation ,And or OR ka aak expression tha ussa prove karna thi
Daigram di gi thi specifiy karna tha ya kon sa function ki ha aur reason b dana tha
Relations diya hoya tha unn ki arrow daigram banani thi
f(x) = 5X-2 ko prove karna tha k onto ha ya one to one.
an= (-1/n)^n ki first 6 terms find karni thi

👉🏻Overall paper boht easy tha aur mostly First 20 lectures ma sa hi tha…
Best of luck

MTH202 Current Papers No 3

My Mth202 paper
Mostly 80 to 90% of past papers say aia tha.
Or long
Kinza bilal ki midterm ki 3 video say aia tha.
Paper bhut easy tha.
After watching Miss Kinza Bilal’s midterm preparation parts 1,2,3

MTH202 Midterm Current Papers
MTH202 Current Papers

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