Motivational Thoughts

Motivation is something very major in human psychology. It is something that grab you towards some idea or some activity which you want to do but you are confused between your heart and mind.  We can define it as if we work for someone then the main thing is money that motivate us towards that. It simply depends on your perspective on your way of taking something.

Motivational thoughts

Now there exists two types of motivation. One is internal other is external. According to external motivation one is motivated by another person but sometimes he resist as he is not internally satisfied with that work or that motivator has no skills to encourage that person. As compare to this internal motivation is very much considered as it is related to self-motivation. In this case one is ready to accept that work or scenario as he is satisfied. When a person is internally gratified he will look positive to all aspects.

While adopting self-motivation one is ready to face every type of hurdles in the way. They also encourage themselves to do more and more that lead them to conquer more. If you are enthusiastic then you will be more organized, more self-assurance, manageable and confident. As confidence is the solution to many problems.

Motivational thoughts

Motivation depends on what you want to achieve and how much conscious you are for that work. For this you have to leave your comfort zone had to accept the obstacles and should stick towards your aim. Some of us don’t reach our aims although we are motivated well. Do you know the main reason? It’s because we have set ourselves to some restrictions that we are not ready to cope them up but keep in mind as I already told that motivation is something to leave the comfort level and adopt the harsh realities of life and muddle them up as “life is not a bed of roses”.


Well if you are motivating someone then you must know their flaws so that they can cover them up in order to achieve the goals they are looking for. It is something one must strike for. Once you get motivated well you can improve yourselves.

Motivational thoughts

Now a days in our society motivators are playing a vast role. You must be proud of the capability that you are a motivator as now a days people need many serious suggestions and opinions. As we all know in today’s time every person see his benefits and want that the other should not prosper and they play a role of bad motivator here becomes detrimental for their whole life due to which except gaining the aim they start regretting on what had done with them.

One should make himself an example for the society so that they can learn the lesson from that. When you will become a role model everyone will try to follow you. Always try that you must not force someone to adopt that particular idea or way. As it may cause disgust in them for their aspiration. Be an inspiration for others rather than an enervate.


Rather than hooked up on someone you must change yourself, make your inner motivated as no one will serve you everything rather you have some curiosity for that certain ambition.

As there is a famous quotation

“A river cuts through rocks not because of its power, but because of its persistence.”