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MGT502 Current Papers Final Term

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MGT502 Final Term Current Papers

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finalterm 2023 21.08.2023
Mcq (Conceptual)

Short questions
More organizations use multiple evaluations for performance appraisals. Describe three possible benefits that an organization may get by using multiple evaluation performance appraisals.
Stress is caused by many factors. How does organizational change cause stress for the employee? Discuss any three points.
Communication between people having different cultural backgrounds can suffer from different barriers. Mention some of these cross-cultural barriers to communication.
Conflicts may arise anywhere. Explain the three levels of conflict.
Organizational stress is comprised of many components. Discuss any six building blocks of an organizational structure.
What are performance standards and how do they help organizations to measure and improve employee performance?

Long questions
Downsizing and rightsizing are used interchangeably. How would you differentiate between these two? Give examples to support your answer.
What do you know about groupthink and what are its effects on decision-making quality?
Stress prevailing…….. What can be the Elements of an organization that causes stress to the employee? Discuss any five elements.
Organizational change occurs due to internal and external forces. Discuss at least three internal and external forces that the organization changes across the …??

MGT502 Final Term Current Paper No 2

Mgt502 paper done ✅
Allahamdolilah bht acha paper hua 😊

Objective sare hi handout se ae or conceptual
Subjective ma
Three changes needed for organization 3 marks
Specialization 3 marks
Three level or organization 3 marks
Bki b easy hi the Q yad nhii

Behavioral symptoms 10 lkhne the 5 marks
Transformational or transactional leaders ma different 5 marks
Or employees resist change kre to company ko loss hota ya faida 5 point lkne the 5 marks

In simple mne handout kea the bs or ache se kea the to paper bht acha ho gya inshallah full 4 cgpa 😎🙈

MGT502 Final Term Current Paper No 3

16/08/2023 11:30 AM

Paper was almost conceptual nothing was from any file, just read the handout and clear your concepts.
MCQS were conceptual

The most important topics were whistle-blowing, Employee-at-will, and behavioral symptoms.
-) Is it necessary to plan for unstructured interviews? Why or why not?
-) What is snap judgment? how to avoid it in an interview?
-) identify the behavioral symptoms
-) The manager ranks all subordinates 3 on a scale of 1 to 5 and explains the mistake of the manager.
-) Define the types of Pay-for-performance(mcqs mein bhi aya tha 2 ya 3 baar)

bs itna hi yaad aa rha hai

MGT502 Final Term Papers
MGT502 Final Term Current Papers


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