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Class 9 Maths Exercise 9.2 Notes

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Chapter/FullChapter 9
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Exercise 9.2 Important Questions Math Class 9

  • 1: Show whether the points with vertices (5, -2), (5, 4), and (-4, 1) are vertices of an equilateral triangle or an isosceles triangle.
  • 3: Show whether or not the points with coordinates (1, 3), (4, 2), and (-2, 6) are vertices of a right triangle.
  • 5: Find k, given that the point (2, k) is equidistant from (3, 7) and (9, 1).
  • 7: Verify whether or not the points 0(0, 0), A(-{3, 1), B(-{3, -1) are the vertices of an equilateral triangle.
  • 10: Find the length of the diameter of the circle having a center at C(-3, 6) and passing through P(l, 3).
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