ENG201 Midterm Current Papers 2024

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ENG201 Current Papers Midterm

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ENG201 Current Papers For Midterm

9 30
Mcqs handouts sy thy ziada
A few or a little py fill in the blanks the mtlb in men sy ek chose krna tha
Recommendation latter ki definition
Oral communication k styles thy 3
Clarity ka topic b that

ENG201 Current Papers No 2

Date: 11-12-23
Time: 11 AM
Mostly from handouts
Related types of accuracy, references & letter of recommendation, explicit implicit purpose, letters, memoranda, and 10-12 mcqs were in the form of fill-in-the-blanks.
Subjective (3 marks)
1: Write down 3 explicit purposes.
2: Write down 3 types of accuracy.
3: Fill in the blanks regarding a letter of recommendation.
Subjective (5 marks)
1: True/ false
2: Choose 5 correct elements of the letter from the given 7 elements.

ENG201 Current Papers No 3

Eng 201
Mostly handouts se the 7C’s most important
Fill in the blanks
True false, types of communication in organization, Fenton reader & future reader, familiar unfamiliar words.

ENG201 Midterm Current Papers
ENG201 Current Papers

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