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CS611 Current Papers Midterm

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CS611 Current Papers For Midterm

The maintenance phase starts after the?
A. Development
B. Deployment
C. Design
D. Requirement

Failure is the inability of the program to behave as expected within a given performance requirement.

In most development projects, functionality and quality ( QA precisely) are natural enemies.

Benchmarking is to evaluate certain Metrics

CMMI is a collection or a model of best practices

Optimal level focuses on continuous process improvement

Improve the process throughout the organization is the responsibility of EPG

Which of the following is not a component of the CMMI process model?
A. Engineering process area
B. Process area
C. Generic practices
D. Specific practices

Mature organizations are system-oriented and they ensure stability.

Defect Containment aims to reduce the chance of passing defects from one phase to

Standard processes for developing and maintaining software are established and documented by
A. Software project manager
B. Software engineer

Potentially many defects occur due to Homogeneous interfaces

Which level of capability maturity model integration addresses special cases of variation and provides software processes?
level 4: Managed

Project Management Framework is a bridge between Development, Sales, Finance, and Management.

Internal audits are also called first-party audits

Verification is more concerned with building the
product the right way.

The project
management involves activities except:
A . Management of project
B. management of software
development teams
C. project documentation and D. project monitoring.

Internal audits are conducted by?
Internal auditors Internal audit team

Software verification process areas evaluated?

Impact analysis of plugins shows the
A. Budget ratio
B. Pros and cons
C. Quality Group
D. Quantity group
E. Development cost

In the requirement Management process area, the term baseline means?

6th general step of the audit process (5)
Differentiate the responsibility of PAT and EPG (5)
Define usability. How it impacts on mobile phone industry. (5)
What are what are the different artifacts of project management? Write the name of three. (3)
Mention three reasons to include people from within the organization as a member of PAT. (3)
One table is given on the defects topic. (3)

CS611 Current Papers

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