CS604 Final Term Current Papers 2024

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CS604 Current Papers Final Term

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CS604 Final Term Current Papers

cs604 paper
objective mostly file mn sy tha kuch handouts mn sy b tha
subjective mn

data diya tha us ko first fit k according to solve karna tha

data are given find free frames and give necessary steps

does pre paging control thrashing

how does page fault occur

deadlock k topic py or deadlock detection k do teen qustions thy

code diya tha us mn sy critical problem k hwaaly sy kon sa correct tha yh btana tha

frame allocation k topic py b thy question

bakery algorithm k about b tha.

CS604 Final Term Current Paper No 2

Cs604 mostly mcqs from fils

None of the questions of coding the dining philosopher problem not included

Mostly from paging and from virtual memory
1 short numerical from lecture 32 finding p, d, f

finding p, d, f, logical address and physical address.

CS604 Final Term Current Paper No 3

CS604 today paper 15 aug

Deadlock and starvation ka difference batana tha code se

Wait and signal ko programmers kis function se call karenge k code likhne
ki zarurat na parhe.

Cpu utilization low and if we increase multiprogramming which monitor the
cpu utilization, will cpu utilization increase?

Page bit and offset calculate krna tha.

CS604 Final Term Current Paper No 4

Today paper
Cs 604

All mcqs waqar and moaz file


  1. Page replacement steps (5)
  2. High and low level synchronization 5 construct (5)
  3. Code tha error find krna tha critical section se tha code (5)
  4. Critical section ke bary me btana tha (5)

CS604 Final Term Current Paper No 5

5-10% MCQs from past file

Unix Commands for Directories.


Two atomic semaphores.

Find the bits required for segmentation.

Find the number of pages required.
Create a wait on the graph.

which given code is effective for Critical Section.

Name Protection bits for segmentation

CS604 Final Term Current Paper No 6

Cs604 paper
1.Write the semaphore problem
2.p and v used for
3. Calculate T effectively
5. Virtual memory
One diagram given

Long Question
1. Virtual memory
2. Sotfware-based solution for critical solution
3. Statement given thi btana tha paging say related hai ya Segmentation say

CS604 Final Term Papers
CS604 Final Term Current Papers


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