CS504 Final Term Current Papers 2024

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Students you know these are Software Engineering – 1 Final Term Current Papers for the virtual university students who have this book CS504 and their students looking for the Final term MCQs.

CS504 Current Papers Final Term

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CS504 Final Term Current Papers

Done with the CS504 paper ..
50% mcqs from waqas file and 30% mcqs from the moazz file.
Unit testing is very very important. mostly questions subjective and objective were from this.
3 quantitative benefits of unit testing. (Short)
Learn the Design phases thoroughly. (Short)
kitchen’s architecture model components and their views. (Long)
Loop errors types (long)
Messages types and their notations ( short)

CS504 Current Papers No 2

Basic tips for the preparation of Cs504 in just one day..
Watch the IT education lectures and the final term preparation video of Mohsin Raza.
Learn All the mcqs of the Waqas file, Some from the moaaz files.
Read the subjective file of Moaaz thoroughly.

Read the highlighted handouts + Read the main topics thoroughly that are design phases, unit testing, exception handling, validation and verification, architecture

CS504 Current Papers No 3

CS504 9:30
Mcqs Mai ye Sari definition thi👇🏻
Singleton definition
Cryptic code
Exception handling
Black box testing
White box
Cyclomatic complexity
Mcqs mix (mid) pluse+ past file
Short questions 2 examples thi code ko correct write krna tha.
Layered Architecture ki types name (Short question)
N- tier architecture define (short question)
Three-tier architecture draw diagram (long question)
Lectures 30 ki example thi
Ye wali👇🏻
Subkey = subkey >>(bitoff-(bitoff >>3)<<3));
Right kr k likhna tha is code ko
Unit testing
Lectures 39 Mai se Example I thi
Paths in a program containing loop code diya tha Daigrm Draw krni thi.

CS504 Current Papers No 4

Q. 1 Three quantitative benefits of unit testing
Q. 2 in which scenario, short circuits are used?
Q. 3 What issues can arise if the system is designed without keeping portability in mind?
Q. 4in client-server four configurations
Q. 5logical errors and it’s symptoms
Q. 6what techniques can be used to design system that is lossely coupled and highly cohesive
Q. 7 non exceptional paths fin karna tha code given tha …( eTitle ()=”CEO” ||eSalary()>10000) ya wala code tha …
Q. 8.which techniques can be used to design the system without ambiguity from user’s point of view
Q. 9 good techniques to write thi
9b.a=b, c=0;
10.two areas where the design pattern are used ……

CS504 Current Papers No 5

ALLHAMDULLILAH I have Done my CS504 Paper

All MCQS From Vu Topper RM Files 👌🏻
Short Questions
Two Principal of Unit Testing
Define Defects
Name White Box testing coverage scheme
Cyclomatic Complexity
Advantages and disadvantages of the client_server model
Long Question
Name of 5 Views
3 long conceptual thy kuch debugging se or C++ k
5 syntax errors correct krny thy.

CS504 Current Papers No 6

Assalamualaikum CS504 By Umer Farooq (Mianwalins)
15 August 2023
40 mcqs totally from Handout🫣
Agr ap logo ko File krni h to Moaz wali 29 pages wali kr loo mcqs KY liay almost done ho jay ga🥱
Short Questions🫢
Aik statement d hui thi btana tha ky kn c chz Bug error sy relate ni krti Option deay huay thy😍
Question no 2 feasible path btana tha😒
Question 3 Give three relevant heading of’ is’ prefix🤔
Aik tha ky Kn c statement use krny sy Code kharab ho jata h😕
Basic coding structure sy Sequence wala tha🫤
Thic aur Thin client server configuration🙁
N.Tier Architecture Diagram😶
Cyclomatic Complexity ki Diagram bnani thi😑
(Last question mid sy tha) Coad petter methodology use krty huay Attributes aur sale service btani thi🙄
Feasible path through Data flow graph😵‍💫

Itna I yad tha Kuch Bhool gea to mazrt😮‍💨

Sai tha paper na Bura na acha😲

CS504 Current Papers
CS504 Final Term Current Papers


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