CS501 Midterm Current Papers 2024

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CS501 Current Papers Midterm

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CS501 Current Papers For Midterm

Cs501 k quiz past papers se ay hain and subjective jo ha wo past papers k related the means type same thi lakin questions same ni the. Overall paper easy tha
Mcqs conceptual thy
Short questions
Ek op code kia hota hy
Add ka rtl code
Long me
Ek circuit Tha uska expression likhna Tha
Ek question Tha us me btnaa Tha ke instruction ko address se classify kar skty he ya ni

CS501 Current Papers No 2

Mcq’s mostly from past Waqaar, Moaaz & VU Topper Files files.
Short Questions me ISA Classification then 1 question out of the box tha…
Long Questions me EAGLE Processors ki 5 characteristics
Wheatstone & Dhrystones ko explain karna tha overall paper easy tha.👍

CS501 Current Papers No 3

write two control instructions found in most of the architectures (3 marks)
compare instruction set architecture of src and Falcon-A according to 1. size 2. types and subtypes (5 marks)
classification according to operands and result storage locations (5 marks)
baqi short aur lond dono me rtl output k question they aur mcqs me bhi taqreebn 10-15 usi related they.

CS501 Current Papers No 4

CS 501
MCQs from moazz past papers
RTL 3 marks
CU 3 marks
PC 3 marks
RTL equation 5 marks
RTL Table 5 marks
Program RTL 5 marks

CS501 Current Papers No 5

Cs 501
Sary mcqs almost vu topper ki file sy thy baki thory moaaz sy
Short 1
Write Structural RTL of
ret ra
Short 2
Define relative address and how we can represent it in RTL.
Short 3
Ye batana tha k 1.instruction set 2 .control unit3.signal memory me sy kn kn sy computer architecture ha or knsy computer organization.
Long question
1: Classification of instructions and how many operands each of them have?
2. in conditional jump how we can test?
3. RTL description for Falcon A instruction? Ye table tha
Load r3,[r4+r7]
Jnz r4,[27]
Shiftl r3,r4,7

Current Papers

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