CS403 Midterm Current Papers 2024

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CS403 Current Papers Midterm

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CS403 Current Papers For Midterm

CS403 MCQs are very easy
Short Questions:

1: What is the main difference between an equi-join and a natural join?
2: What are the two main divisions of a traditional file system?
3: Identify the following statement as valid or invalid.

Long Questions:

1: In an ER diagram, what is the main constraint used for a foreign key? Briefly explain the steps involved in converting an ER diagram into relational tables.
2: Given ER of a Student or Department relation, how would you construct a cross-matrix for it to identify reports and attributes yourself?
3: Analyze the provided Diagram and draw a cross matrix.
I: A B C D

CS403 Current Papers No 2

8 am
Mcqs basics thay mostly cardinality wale thay
Record Database 3 types
Ek table di thi jispr condition lagyi thi usko find karna tha
SxM find karna tha or uske 2 relation batane thay
Key type ko choose karne par ek note likhna that

CS403 Current Papers No 3

Cs403 paper
Msqs conceptual thy Sary handouts sy thy
1:DFD diagram given thi usmein incorrect entities btaani thi
2: true false wali statement thi

1. Mapping Karni thi entities ki konsi appropriate suit karti hai
2: candidate key alternative key secondary key sy question that

CS403 Current Papers No 4



01: write the 3 properties of the relation

02: write the 3 types of Multiple users of environment.


01: Draw a E-R Model on

student : stdId, stdName, stdAdress(composite = streetNo, houseNo), DOB( Derived = Age ), Hobbies (Multiple values)

02: Diagram is given with mistakes, and we can draw a correct solution diagram (correct mistakes)

03: Draw a cross-relation diagram

Loan Application system which can take 3 reports and 7 attributes (reports and attributes are not given)

CS403 Midterm Current Papers
CS403 Current Papers

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