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CS301 Current Papers Final Term

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CS301 Final Term Current Papers

Cs301 timing subh 9:30
Easy th 80% mscqs moez ki files m sy
Long question avl tree bana th 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 k left sy right
Zda ppr avl tree k th or short bh sary past papers sy th.

CS301 Current Paper No 2

CS301 Today 7:30 AM

1) Skip list given thi us ma 15 add kr k new skip list draw krni thi.

2) AVL tree or code is given tha… according to cord new AVL tree draw krna tha

3)AVL tree given tha 2 steps ma heap ma convert krna tha

4) Write three characteristics of Union by weight

5)Max heap
6) Disjoint ADT
7) min heap given thi 1st element ko delete kr k again min heap bnani thi.

8)Why Quick sort is effective with respect to larger lists?

CS301 Current Paper No 3

Cs301 paper
Mostly mcqs handouts sy thy
Short MN heap & types
Union ko initially define krna tha is k ilava
Long MN bubble sort tha
Binary tree ko avl tree MN convert krna tha
Ek table given tha us ka left ,right child or paret btana tha us MN sy.

CS301 Current Paper No 4

Cs301 current paper 15-08-2023 7:30

Some McQ from muaz file.

How to use insertion sort.

Solve by bubble sorting for 2 iterations only

Add 86 to the array by heap method

How can you say tha relation is squalane relation?

Write the factors of tree. Only draw the final tree.

Find union

1 or qution tha union vala.

CS301 Current Paper No 5

Cs301 paper 15 -8-23
Timing 7:30
Paper buth both easy ta
Mcq heap hashing AVL Hoffman’s coding sorting wala topic say Aya ta buth easy ta koi yah na pocha kis fila may file tary nahi kerti sirf handouts aur concept
Long Question
2 question AVL tree
Rotation left kerni thi balance kerni thi tree
1 long question arrays
Short questions

1 question Heap tree maximum
Question no 2 hashing suitable
Question no 3
What is the maximum tree heap
What is heap sorting
Question no 4
Question no 5
Bubble sort code write
Question no 6
Hoffman coding
Buth easy ta sab easily say complete paper solve Ker lay GA sab kuch handouts say ta handouts lazmi read kary.

CS301 Current Papers For Final Term 6

*Cs301 final term paper!!
Some mcqs Moaaz file sy thy some wakar … Like mixup thy … Utube py mcqs ki video h us m Sy
1. Dummy node topic m Sy

  1. Transitivity proof krna tha reflexive xRy etc given tha full btana tha k ye transitivity h yes or no if yes reason?
    2. hashing ko array m implementation krni thi khud sy
  2. Hashing numbers ko array mn btana tha kon sy level py fla no. Aye ga key given thi
  3. Huffman table given tha letters or frequency k sath,, es table ko binary search tree m convert krna tha just bit etc ni btani thi
  4. Equation given thi ((p+q)(p-q)/r)-S Infinix mn krna tha
  5. Balance tree empty given thi , khud sy value put kr k btana tha k ye balance tree ha…
  6. Disjoint Wala b tha Kuch
  7. Last question sochta rha kesy krna paste e kr Aya es lye yd ni sae

🤕 Mcqs zyada mzy k thy🤩🤩.

CS301 Current Paper No 7

My today’s cs301
the paper was very easy
Subjective 90% moaz aur Waqar ki files se thay aur bht easy thay
Kuch mcqs handouts se thay.
Short questions
1) What is heap and its types
2) how avl is different from bst
Single left rotation perform krni thi
Types of divide and conquerer method
1 question Pseudo code wala tha 1 yad nhi.
Long questions:
1) delete min function apply krna tha 4 bar
2) AVL tree ki double left right rotation
3) C++ code for insertion sort
4) hash function k zariye hash key finds krna thi modulus apply kr k.
Overall paper was so easy
Main topics
AVL tree
Heap and its types and methods
Binary search wagera kr k jaen.

CS301 Current Paper No 8

Today CS301P Exam
Mcqs are Mostly from the world of education preparation video on YouTube and subjective m ek error find krny wala question tha ek AVL tree draw kr k balance krna tha 2 code likhny waly thy r ek array ko bubble sort s arrange krna tha bht easy paper tha bht acha ho gya Alhamdulilah.

CS301 Current Papers
CS301 Final Term Current Papers


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