Computer Chapter 5 Designing Website MCQs Notes 2024

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Class 9 Computer Chapter 5 MCQs

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Book CodeComputer Science
Class9th Class
Chapter/FullChapter 5
BoardPunjab Board

Computer Chapter 5 Designing Website MCQs Notes

1: An individual list item can contain another entire list called:

(i) Ordered list
(ii) Unordered list
(iii) Nested list
(iv) Definition list

2: HTML is not a___________language.

(i) Programming
(ii) Markup
(iii) None of the above
(iv) Both i and ii

3: Webpages can be created and modified by using

(i) Notepad++
(ii) TextEdit
(iii) Notepad
(iv) All of the above

4: An HTML element usually consists of a________tags.

(i) Start
(ii) End
(iii) Start and End
(iv) None of above

5: The______ element is a container for metadata (data about data).

(ii) head
(iii) title
(iv) HTML

6: To save the HTML page, you can save_______ as file extension.

(i) hml
(ii) html
(iii) xhtml
(iv) Both i and ii

7: There are________of headings in HTML document.

(i) 4
(ii) 5
(iii) 6
(iv) 1

8: ________tag is used to display data in tabular form.

(i) td
(ii) table
(iii) tr
(iv) th

9: A hyperlink can be applied to_______

(i) mage
(ii) text
(iii) Both i and ii
(iv) HTML

10: In “body” tag_______ is used to make a picture of a background image of a webpage.

(i) bg
(ii) background
(iii) bgiamge
(iv) none of these

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