Class 9 Physics Chapter 6 Numericals 2024

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Physics Chapter 6 Numericals

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Class 9 Physics Chapter 6 Numericals Notes

  • A man has pulled a cart through 35 m applying a force of 300 N. Find the work done by the man.
  • A block weighing 20 N is lifted 6 m vertically upward. Calculate the potential energy stored in it.
  • A car weighing 12 kN has a speed of 20 ms. Find its kinetic energy.
  • A 500 g stone is thrown up with a velocity of 15ms. Find its
  • (i) P.E. at its maximum height
  • (ii) K.E. when it hits the ground
  • On reaching the top of a slope 6 m high from its bottom, a cyclist has a speed of 1.5 ms. Find the kinetic energy and the potential energy of the cyclist. The mass of the cyclist and his bicycle is 40 kg.
  • A motorboat moves at a steady speed of 4 ms. The water resistance acting on it is 4000 N. Calculate the power of its engine.
  • A man pulls a block with a force of 300 N through 50 m in 60 s. Find the power used by him to
  • A 50 kg man moved 25 steps up in 20 seconds. Find his power, if each step is 16 cm high.
  • Calculate the power of a pump that can lift 200 kg of water through a height of 6 m in 10 seconds.
  • An electric motor of 1hp is used to run a water pump. The water pump takes 10 minutes to fill an overhead tank. The t a n k h a s a c a p a c i t y o f 800 liters and height of 15 m. Find the actual work done by the electric motor to fill the tank. Also, find the efficiency of the system. (Density of water = 1000 km ) (Mass of 1 litre of water = 1 kg)

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Physics Numericals
Class 9 Physics Chapter 6 Numericals


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