Class 9 Physics Chapter 5 Important Long Questions 2024

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Physics Chapter 5 Long Questions Notes

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Class 9 Physics Chapter 5 Long Questions Notes

  • What is meant by the force of gravitation?
  • Do you attract the Earth or does the Earth attract you? Which one is attracting with a larger force? You or the Earth.
  • What is a field force?
  • Why earlier scientists could not guess about the gravitational force?
  • H o w c a n y o u s a y t h a t gravitational force is a field force?
  • Explain, what is meant by gravitational field strength.
  • Why law of gravitation is important to us?
  • Explain the law of gravitation.
  • How the mass of Earth can be determined?
  • Can you determine the mass of our moon? If yes, then what do you need to know?
  • Why does the value of g vary from place to place?
  • Explain how the value of g varies with altitude.
  • What are artificial satellites?
  • How does Newton’s law of gravitation help in understanding the motion of satellites?
  • On what factors the orbital speed of a satellite depends?
  • Why communication satellites are stationed in geostationary orbits?

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Physics Chapter 5
Class 9 Physics Chapter 5 Notes


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