Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 MCQs 2024

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Physics Chapter 3 MCQs Notes

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Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 MCQs Notes

1: Newton’s first law of motion is valid only in the absence of:

(a) force
(b) net force
(c) friction
(d) momentum

2: Inertia depends upon

(a) force
(b) net force
(c) mass
(d) velocity

3: A boy jumps out of a moving bus. There is a danger for him to fall:

(a) towards the moving bus
(b) away from the bus
(c) in the direction of motion
(d) opposite to the direction of motion

4: Two bodies of masses m and m 1 2 attached to the ends of an inextensible string passing over a frictionless pulling such that both move vertically. The acceleration of the bodies is:

Which of the following is the unit of momentum?

-2 (a)
Nm (b)
kgms -1 (c)
Ns (d) Ns

5: When a horse pulls a cart, the action is on the:

(a) cart
(b) Earth
(c) horse
(d) Earth and cart

6: Which of the following materials lowers friction when pushed between metal plates?

(a) water
(b) fine marble powder
(c) air
(d) oil

7: A string is stretched by two equal and opposite forces 10 N each. The tension in the string is

(a) zero
(b) 5 N
(c) 10 N
(d) 20 N

8: The mass of a body:

(a) decreases when accelerated
(b) increases when accelerated

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Physics Chapter 3 MCQs
Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 MCQs


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