Class 9 English Chapter 7 Sultan Ahmed Mosque MCQs 2024

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Sultan Ahmed Mosque MCQs

Post TopicChapter 7 MCQs
Book CodeEnglish
Class9th Class
Chapter/FullChapter 7
BoardPunjab Board
Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Class 9 English Chapter 7 Sultan Ahmed Mosque MCQs

Circle the correct antonyms from the given choices of the underlined words.

1: The Sultan Ahmad mosque is one of the most impressive monuments in the world.




2: Situated in Istambul, the largest city in Turkey.




3: A heavy iron chain is hung at the upper of the court entrance on the western side.




5: the upper level of the interior is adorned with blue paint.




6: the floors are covered with carpets.




Unit 7 Sultan Ahmed
Unit 7 Sultan Ahmed Mosque MCQs

Class 9 English Grammer MCQs

1: I have been studying ______For___ 3 hours.
2: have been watching TV _____Since_____ 7pm.
3: Tara hasn’t been feeling well ______For_____ 2 weeks.
4: Tara hasn’t been visiting us ___Since____ March.
5: He has been playing football _____For____ a long time.
6: He has been living in Bangkok ______Since_______he left school.


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