Class 9 Biology Chapter 3 Short Questions 2024

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Class 9 Biology Chapter 3 Notes

Post TopicShort Questions
Book CodeBiology
Class9th Class
Chapter/FullChapter 3
BoardPunjab Board

Class 9 Biology Chapter 3 Important Short Questions Notes

  • Define biodiversity.
  • Define the importance of biodiversity.
  • Define the aims of Classification.
  • Define Taxonomy Hierarchy or define class groups.
  • Define Species with examples.
  • Define crossbreed with an example.
  • Define Carless Lena’s work in the history of Classification Systems.
  • Define two Kingdom Classification Systems.
  • Define Kingdom Animalia.
  • The difference between pertains and varies. (Read From Boxes)
  • Define Binomial nomenclature with an example.
  • Read carefully the animals and vegetable’s scientific names which are available in the book only.
  • Define starfish work in rivers.

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Biology Chapter 3 Questions


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