Class 10 Physics Chapter 3 (12) MCQs Notes 2024

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Class 10 Physics Chapter 3 Notes

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Class 10 Physics Chapter 12 MCQs With Answers

1: Which of the following quantities is not changed during the refraction of light?

(a) its direction
(b) its speed
(c) its frequency
(d) its wavelength

2: A converging mirror with a radius of 20 cm creates a real image 30 cm from the mirror. What is the object distance?

(a) -5.0 cm
(b) -7.5 cm
(c) -15 cm
(d) -20 cm

3: An object is placed at the center of curvature of a concave mirror. The image produced by the mirror is located

(a) out beyond the center of curvature.
(b) at the center of curvature.
(c) between the center of curvature and the focal point
(d) at the focal point

4: An object is 14 cm in front of a convex mirror. The image is 5.8 cm behind the mirror. What is the focal length of the mirror?

(a) -4.1 cm
(b) -8.2 cm
(c) -9.9 cm
(d) -20 cm

5: The index of refraction depends on

(a) the focal length
(b) the speed of light
(c) the image distance
(d) the object distance

6: Which type of image is formed by a concave lens on a screen?

(a) inverted and real
(b) inverted and virtual
(c) upright and real
(d) upright and virtual

7: Which type of image is produced by the converging lens of a human eye if it views a distant object?

(a) real, erect, same size
(b) real, inverted, diminished
(c) virtual, erect, diminished
(d) virtual, inverted, magnified

8: The image formed by a camera is

(a) real, inverted, and diminished
(b) virtual, upright, and diminished
(c) virtual, upright, and magnified
(d) real, inverted, and magnified

9: If a ray of light in glass is incident on an air surface at an angle greater than the critical angle, the ray will

(a) refract only
(b) reflect only
(c) partially refract and partially reflect
(d) diffract only

10: The critical angle for a beam of light passing from water into air is 48.8 degrees. This means that all light rays with an angle of incidence greater than this angle will be

(a) absorbed
(b) totally reflected
(c) partially reflected and partially transmitted
(d) totally transmitted

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Physics Chapter 3 MCQs


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