Class 10 Physics Chapter 2 (11) MCQs 2024

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Class 10 Physics Chapter 2 Notes

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Class 10 Physics Chapter 11 MCQs With Answer

1: Which is an example of a longitudinal wave?

(a) sound wave
(b) light wave
(c) radio wave
(d) water wave

2: How does sound travel from its source to your ear?

(a) by changes in air pressure
(b) by vibrations in wires or strings
(c) by electromagnetic wave
(d) by infrared waves

3: Which form of energy is sound?

(a) electrical
(b) mechanical
(c) thermal
(d) chemical

4: Astronauts in space need to communicate with each other by radio links because

(a) sound waves travel very slowly in space
(b) sound waves travel very fast in space
(c) sound waves cannot travel in space
(d) sound waves have low frequency in space

5: The loudness of a sound is most closely related to its

(a) frequency
(b) period
(c) wavelength
(d) amplitude

6: For a normal person, the audible frequency range for sound waves lies between

(a) 10 Hz and 10 kHz
(b) 20 Hz and 20 kHz
(c) 25 Hz and 25 kHz
(d) 30 Hz and 30 kHz

7: When the frequency of a sound wave is increased, which of the following will decrease?
i. wavelength ii. period iii. amplitude

(a) I only
(b) iii only
(c) i and II only
(d) i and iii only

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Physics Chapter 2 MCQs


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