Class 10 Physics Chapter 18 Important Long Questions 2024

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Class 10 Physics Chapter 18 Notes

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Book CodePhysics
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Chapter/FullChapter 18
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Class 10 Physics Chapter 18 Long Questions

  • Is it possible for an element to have different types of atoms? Explain.
  • What nuclear reaction would release more energy, the fission reaction or the fusion reaction? Explain.
  • Which has more penetrating power, an alpha particle or a gamma ray photon?
  • What is the difference between natural and artificial radioactivity?
  • How long would you likely have to wait to watch any sample of radioactive atoms completely decay?
  • Which type of natural radioactivity leaves the number of protons and the number of neutrons in the nucleus unchanged?
  • How much of a 1 g sample of pure radioactive substance would be left undecayed after four half-lives?
  • Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. It decays by emitting an electron. 31H
  • What is the daughter nucleus?
  • What information about the structure of the nitrogen atom can be obtained from its nuclide? In what way atom in is different from the atom?
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Physics Chapter 18 Long Questions

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