Class 10 Physics Chapter 17 MCQs Notes 2024

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Class 10 Physics Chapter 17 Notes

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Chapter/FullChapter 17
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Class 10 Physics Chapter 17 MCQs With Answers

1: In computer terminology information means

(a) any data
(b) raw data
(c) processed data
(d) large data

2: Which is the most suitable means of reliable continuous communication between an orbiting satellite and Earth?

(a) microwaves
(b) radiowaves
(c) sound waves
(d) any light wave

3: The basic operations performed by a computer are

(a) arithmetic operations
(b) non-arithmetic operations
(c) logical operations
(d) both (a) and (c)

4: The brain of any computer system is

(a) monitor
(b) memory
(c) CPU
(d) control unit

5: Which of the following is not processing?

(a) arranging
(b) manipulating
(c) calculating
(d) gathering

6: From which of the following we can get information almost about everything?

(a) book
(b) teacher
(c) computer
(d) Internet

7: What does the term e-mail stand for?

(a) emergency mail
(b) electronic mail
(c) extra mail
(d) external mail

Physics MCQs
Physics Chapter 17 MCQs


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