Class 10 Physics Chapter 14 Numericals Notes 2024

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Class 10 Physics Chapter 14 Notes

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Book CodePhysics
Class9th Class
Chapter/FullChapter 1
BoardPunjab Board

Class 10 Physics Chapter 14 Important Numericals

  • A current of 3 mA is flowing through a wire for 1 minute. What is the charge flowing through the wire?
  • The resistance of a conductor wire is 10 MΩ. If a potential difference of 100 volts is applied across its ends, then find the value of current passing through it in mA.
  • By applying a potential difference of 10 V across a conductor, a current of 1.5 A passes through it. How much energy would be obtained from the current in 2 minutes?
  • An electric bulb is marked with 220 V, 100 W. Find the resistance of the filament of the bulb. If the bulb is used 5 hours daily, find the energy in kilowatt-hours consumed by the bulb in one month (30 days).
  • An incandescent light bulb with an operating resistance of 95 Ω is labeled “150 W.” Is this bulb designed for use in a 120 V circuit or a 220 V circuit?
  • A 100 W lamp bulb and a 4 kW water heater are connected to a 250 V supply. Calculate (a) the current that flows in each appliance and (b) the resistance of each appliance when in use.
Physics Numericals
Physics Chapter 14 Numericals


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