Class 10 Physics Chapter 13 Numerical Notes 2024

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Class 10 Physics Chapter 13 Notes

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Book CodePhysics
Class9th Class
Chapter/FullChapter 13
BoardPunjab Board

Class 10 Physics Chapter 13 Numericals Notes

  • Two point charges q = 10 µC and q = 5 µC are placed at a distance of 150 cm. What 1 2 will be the Coulomb’s force between them? Also, find the direction of the force.
  • Two charges repel each other with a force of 0.1 N when they are 5 cm apart. Find the forces between the same charges when they are 2 cm apart.
  • The electric potential at a point in an electric field is 10 V. If a charge of +100 µC is brought from infinity to this point. What would be the amount of work done on it?
  • A point charge of +2 C is transferred from a point at potential 100 V to a point at potential 50 V. What would be the energy supplied by the charge?
  • A capacitor holds 0.06 coulombs of charge when fully charged by a 9-volt battery. Calculate the capacitance of the capacitor.
  • A capacitor holds 0.03 coulombs of charge when fully charged by a 6-volt battery. How much voltage would be required for it to hold 2 coulombs of charge?
Physics Numerical
Physics Chapter 13 Numerical

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