Class 10 Computer Chapter 4 Important Short Questions 2024

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Class 10 Computer Chapter 4 Notes

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10th Class Computer Chapter 4 Important Questions Notes

  • The data structure is a container to store the collection of data items in a specific layout.
  • An Array is a data structure that can hold multiple values of the same data type. It stores all the values at contiguous locations inside the computer’s memory.
  • In C language, an array can be declared as follows:
  • data_type array_name[array_size];
  • Data Type is the type of data that we want to store in the array.
  • Array Name is the unique identifier that we use to refer to the array.
  • Array Size is the maximum number of elements that the array can hold.
  • Assigning values to an array for the first time is called Array Initialization. An array can be initialized at the time of its declaration, or later. Array initialization at the time of declaration can be done in the following manner.
  • data_type array_name[N] = {value1, value2, value3,…, valueN}; Each element of an array has an index that can be used with the array name as array_name[index] to access the data stored at that particular index. Variables can also be used as array indices.
  • Loop Structure is used to repeat a set of statements. Three types of loops are for loop, while loop, do-while loop.
  • In C programming language, for loop has the following general structure.
  • for(initialization; condition; increment/decrement){ Code to repeat; }
  • When we use a loop inside another loop, it is called a nested loop structure. We use nested loops to repeat a pattern multiple times.
  • Loops make it easier to read and write values in arrays.

Define These Terms:

  • 1) Data Structure
  • 2) Array
  • 3) Array Initialization
  • 4) Loop Structure
  • 5) Nested Loops options

Briefly Answer the following Questions

  • 1) Is a loop a data structure? Justify your answer.
  • 2) What is the use of nested loops?
  • 3) What is the advantage of initializing an array at the time of declaration?
  • 4) Describe the structure of a for loop.
  • 5) How can you declare an array? Briefly describe the three parts of the array declaration.
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Computer Chapter 4 Short Questions


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