Class 10 Computer Chapter 4 MCQs Notes 2024

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Class 10 Computer Chapter 4 Notes

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Class 10 Computer Chapter 4 MCQs Notes

1: An array is a __ structure.

a) Loop
b) Control
c) Data
d) Conditional

2: Array elements are stored at

a) Contiguous
b) Scattered
c) Divided
d) None

3: If the size of an array is 100, the range of indexes will be

a) 0-99
b) 0-100
c) 1-100
d) 2-102

4: structure allows the repetition of a set of instructions.

a) Loop
b) Conditional
c) Control
d) Data

5: is the unique identifier, used to refer to the array.

a) Data Type
b) Array name
c) Array size
d) None

6: The array can be initialized with_______ declaration.

a) At the time of
b) After
c) Before
d) Both a & b

7: Using loops inside loops is called________loops.

a) For
b) While
c) Do-while
d) Nested

8: part of the for loop is executed first.

a) Condition
b) Body
c) Initialization
d) Increment/Decrement

9: make it easier to read and write values in the array.

a) Loops
b) Conditions
c) Expressions
d) Functions

10: To initialize the array in a single statement, initialize it_________declaration.

a) At the time of
b) After
c) Before
d) Both a & b

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