Class 10 Computer Chapter 3 MCQs Notes 2024

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Class 10 Computer Chapter 3 Notes

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Class 10 Computer Chapter 3 MCQs Notes

1: Conditional logic helps.

a) decisions
b) iterations
c) traversing
d) all

2: statements describe the sequence in which statements of the program should be executed.

a) Loop
b) Conditional
c) Control
d). All

3: In the if statement, what happens if the condition is false?

a) Program crashes
b) Index out-of-bound error
c) Further code executes
d) The compiler asks to change the condition

4: Which of the following is the condition to check a is a factor of c?

a) a%c == 0
b) c%a == 0
c) a*c==0d)
d) a+c==0

5: A condition can be any________expression.

a) arithmetic
c) logical
b) relational
d) arithmetic, relational, or logical

6: An if statement inside another if statement is called_______structure.

a) nested
b) boxed
c) repeated
d) decomposed

7: A set of multiple instructions enclosed in braces is called a

a) box
b) list
c) block
d) job

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Computer Chapter 3 MCQs


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