Class 10 Computer Chapter 1 Important Short Questions 2024

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Class 10 Computer Chapter 1 Notes

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10th Class Computer Chapter 1 Important Questions Notes

  • Computers need to be fed a series of instructions by humans that tell them how to perform a particular task.
  • These series of instructions are known as a computer program or software.
  • The process of feeding or storing the instructions in the computer is known as computer programming and the person who knows how to write a computer program correctly is known as a programmer.
  • Computer programs are written in languages called programming languages. Some commonly known programming languages are Java, C, C++, and Python.
  • A collection of all the necessary tools for programming makes up a programming environment.
  • The programming environment provides us with the basic platform to write and execute programs.
  • Software that provides a programming environment that facilitates the programmer in writing and executing computer programs is known as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • A text editor is software that allows programmers to write and edit computer programs. All IDEs have their own specific editors.
  • A compiler is software that is responsible for the conversion of a computer program written in some programming language to machine language code.
  • Every programming language has some primitive building blocks and follows some grammar rules known as its syntax.
  • Every programming language has a list of words that are predefined. Each word has its specific meaning already known to the compiler. These words are known as reserved words or keywords.
  • A program is divided into three parts. The header section is the part where header files are included. The main section corresponds to the main function and the body of the main function includes everything enclosed in the curly braces.
  • Comments are statements that are ignored by the compiler and do not get executed. To include additional information about the program, comments can be used.
  • Constants are the values that do not change. The three types of constants are integer constants, real constants, and character constants.
  • The variable is a name given to a memory location as the data is physically stored inside the computer’s memory. Each variable has a unique name or identifier by which we can refer to that variable and an associated data type that describes the type of constant that can be stored in that variable.
  • A variable must be declared before its use. The variable declaration includes specifying the variable’s data type and giving it a valid name.
  • Assigning value to a variable for the first time is called variable initialization.
  • The variable can be initialized at the time of declaration or after declaration.

Define these terms

  • 1) IDE
  • 2) Compiler
  • 3) Reserved Words
  • 4) Main section of a program
  • 5) char data type

Short Questions

  • 1) Why do we need a programming environment?
  • 2) Write the steps to create a C program file in the IDE of your lab computer.
  • 3) Describe the purpose of a compiler.
  • 4) List down five reserved words in C programming language.
  • 5) Discuss the main parts of the structure of a C program.
  • 6) Why do we use comments in programming?
  • 7) Differentiate between constants and variables.
  • 8) Write down the rules for naming variables.
  • 9) Differentiate between char and int.
  • 10) How can we declare and initialize a variable?
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Computer Chapter 1 Questions


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