Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 9 Important Short Questions 2024

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Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 9 Notes

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Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 9 Short Questions

  • Reversible reactions are those in which products recombine to form reactants. These reactions are never complete. They proceed in both ways; i.e., forward and reverse.
  • The dynamic equilibrium state is one at which forward and reverse reactions proceed at equal rates but in opposite directions so that the overall reaction does not stop.
  • Equilibrium constant Kc is a ratio of the product of the concentration of products raised to the power of coefficients to the product of the concentration of reactants raised to the power of coefficients as expressed in the balanced chemical equation.
  • The equilibrium constant has no units when the number of moles of reactants and products are the same.
  • By knowing the value of equilibrium constants, the extent of a reaction can be predicted.
  • Reactions having large Kcvalue, proceed almost to completion.
  • Reactions having a small magnitude of Kc indicate that an equilibrium state has been established by consuming a small amount of reactants. Therefore, they never go to completion.
  • Reactions having moderate magnitude have comparable amounts of reactants and products at equilibrium state.

Important Short Questions

  • What are irreversible reactions? Give a few characteristics of them.
  • Define chemical equilibrium state.
  • Give the characteristics of a reversible reactions.
  • How is the dynamic equilibrium established?
  • Why an equilibrium state reaction does not stop?
  • Why is the equilibrium state attainable from either way?
  • What is the relationship between active mass and rate of reaction?
  • Derive equilibrium constant expression for the synthesis of ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen.
  • How direction of a reaction can be predicted?
  • How can you know that a reaction has achieved an equilibrium state?
  • What are the characteristics of a reaction that establishes an equilibrium state at once?
  • If the reaction quotient Qc of a reaction is more than Kc, what will be the direction of the reaction?
  • An industry was established based on a reversible reaction. It failed to achieve products on a commercial level. Can you point out the basic reasons for its failure being a chemist?
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Chemistry Chapter 9 Short Questions


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