Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 4 (12) Long Questions 2024

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Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 12 Notes

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Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 12 Important Long Questions

  • What types of reactions are given by alkanes? Explain with reference to halogenations of alkanes.
  • Alkanes are a source of heat. Explain it.
  • Prepare the following as directed:
  • (i) ethane from ethene;
  • (ii) acetylene from tetrahalide;
  • (iii) carbon tetrachloride from methane;
  • (iv) ethylene glycol from ethene;
  • (v) 1,2-dibromoethane from ethene and
  • (vi) glyoxal from acetylene
  • Explain the oxidation of acetylene.
  • Write balanced chemical equations for the following reactions. Also, name the products that are formed.
  • (i) A mixture of ethyne and hydrogen is passed over heated nickel
  • (ii) Ethyne is treated with chlorine
  • (iii) Ethyne is burnt in the air
  • (iv) Ethyne is passed through bromine water
  • Explain briefly:
  • (i) Why butane undergoes substitution reactions?
  • (ii) There are millions of organic compounds.
  • (iii) Acetylene undergoes addition reactions in two stages.
  • (iv) Alkynes are more reactive than alkanes.
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