9th Class Physics Chapter 7 Numericals 2024

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Physics Chapter 7 Problems Notes

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9th Class Physics Chapter 7 Numericals Notes

  • A wooden block measuring 40 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm has a mass of 850 g. Find the density of 3 wood.
  • How much would the volume of ice formed by freezing 1 liter of water?
  • Calculate the volume of the following objects:
  • (i) An iron sphere of mass 5 kg, the density of iron is 8200 kgm.
  • (ii) 200 g of lead shot having a density of 11300 kgm.
  • (iii) A gold bar of mass 0.2 kg. The density of gold is 19300 kgm.
  • The density of air is 1.3 kgm . Find the mass of air in a room measuring 8m x 5m x 4m.
  • A student presses her palm by her thumb with a force of 75 N. How much would the pressure under her thumb have a contact area of 1.5 cm?
  • The head of a pin is a square of side 10 mm. Find the pressure on it due to a force of 20 N.
  • A uniform rectangular block of wood 20 cm x 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm and of mass 1000g stands on a horizontal surface with its longest edge vertical.
  • Find (i) the pressure exerted by the block on the surface
  • (ii) density of the wood.
  • A cube of glass of 5 cm side and mass 306 g, has a cavity inside it. If the density of glass is 2.55 gcm . Find the volume of the cavity.
  • An object has a weight 18 N in the air. Its weight is found to be 11.4 N when immersed in water. Calculate its density. Can you guess the material of the object?
  • A solid block of wood of density 0.6 gcm weighs 3.06 N in air. Determine (a) the volume of the block (b) the volume of the block immersed when placed freely in a liquid of density 0.9 gcm ?
  • The diameter of the piston of a hydraulic press is 30 cm. How much force is required to lift a car weighing 20,000 N on its piston if the diameter of the piston of the pump is 3 cm?
  • A steel wire of cross-sectional area 2×10 m is stretched through 2 mm by a force of 4000 N. Find the Young’s modulus of the wire. The length of the wire is 2 m.

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Physics Numericals
Physics Chapter 7 Numericals


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