9th Class Physics Chapter 2 MCQs 2024

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Physics Chapter 2 (Kinematics) MCQs

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9th Class Physics Chapter 2 MCQs

1: A body has translatory motion if it moves along a

(a) straight line
(b) circle
(c) line without rotation
(d) curved path

2: The motion of a body about an axis is called

(a) circular motion
(b) rotatory motion
(c) vibratory motion
(d) random motion

3: Which of the following is a vector quantity?

(a) speed
(b) distance
(c) displacement
(d) power

4: If an object is moving with constant speed then its distance-time graph will be a straight line.

(a) along time-axis
(b) along distance-axis
(c) parallel to time-axis
(d) inclined to time-axis

5: By dividing the displacement of a moving body with time, we obtain

(a) speed
(b) acceleration
(c) velocity
(d) deceleration

6: A ball is thrown vertically upward. Its velocity at the highest point is :

-1 (a) -10 ms
(b) zero
-2 (c) 10 ms
(d) none of these

7: A change in position is called:

(a) speed
(b) velocity
(c) displacement
(d) distance

8: A car starts from rest. It acquires a speed 1 of 25 ms after 20 s. The distance moved by the car during this time is:

(a) 31.25 m
(b) 250 m
(c) 500 m
(d) 5000 m

9: A straight line parallel to the time-axis on a distance-time graph tells that the object is

(a) moving with constant speed
(b) at rest
(c) moving with variable speed
(d) in motion

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Physics Chapter 2 MCQs
Physics Chapter 2 MCQs Notes


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