9th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2024

Students if you are looking for the 9th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board if yes? then you reach the right place where you can easily find the Chemistry most important short questions as well as long questions only without answers but your duty to find answers from your 9th class Chemistry book.

Students you know that these Guess Paper 2024 of Class 9 Chemistry are helpful so don’t ignore them to read and find out answers from your textbook or Chemistry key book of the 9th class where you are comfortable learning.

Chemistry Class 9 Chapters Names:

  • Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Chemistry
  • Chapter 2 – Structure of Atoms
  • Chapter 3 – Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties
  • Chapter 4 – Structure of Molecules
  • Chapter 5 – Physical States of Matter
  • Chapter 6 – Solutions
  • Chapter 7 – Electrochemistry
  • Chapter 8 – Chemical Reactivity

Class 9 Chemistry Chapter Wise Notes

Many Students also searching for the 9th Class Chemistry Chapter-wise Notes but unfortunately, here you will see all chapters of chemistry important short as well as long questions but chapter notes we will upload in the coming days.

Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 9th Class Punjab Board English Medium

Students you know these are only Chemistry English medium guess papers for the 9 class students of the Punjab board so please carefully read and find out answers from your English medium Chemistry book so that you can easily read and learn them and you know in these guess papers you will see short questions as well long questions.

class 9 Chemistry Guess paper 2024 in Urdu (Urdu Medium)

Students we know that many students adopted Chemistry Urdu medium subject in Pakistan but it is not bad because Urdu is our language which all cities and provinces speak during this period many students elected only Chemistry English medium subject because English is an international language and all people preferred English but in this post, students you did not find any urdu medium guess paper of Chemistry but you can wait for that day when we will upload on this website for your help.

Students these guess papers of Chemistry class 9 for the Punjab boards:

  • Class 9 Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Lahore Board
  • Class 9 Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Gujranwala Board
  • Class 9 Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Bahawalpur Board
  • Class 9 Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 D.G.Khan Board
  • Class 9 Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Faisalabad Board
  • Class 9 Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Multan Board
  • Class 9 Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Rawalpindi Board
  • Class 9 Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Sargodha Board

Class 9 Chemistry Guess Paper 2024

Post TopicGuess Paper 2024
Book CodeChemistry
Class9th Class
Chapter/FullFull Book
BoardsPunjab Boards: Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Bahawalpur Board, D.G.Khan Board, Faisalabad Board, Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Sargodha Board

Class 9 Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board

Chemistry class 9 important short questions

  • Why do atoms react?
  • Define chemical bonds.
  • Write the names of different types of chemical bonds.
  • What is diffusion? Explain with an example.
  • Define standard atmospheric pressure.
  • What are its units?
  • What is the difference between dilute solution and concentrated solution?
  • Define unsaturated solution
  • Give an example asan Solid” solution.
  • Write the difference between spontaneous and non-spontaneous reactions.
  • Define non-electrolytes and give an example.
  • Define corrosion.
  • What do you mean by galvanizing? Write its advantages.
  • Write two physical properties of metals.
  • What is the trend of electropositivity in the group?
  • Why platinum is used for jewelry making?
  • Write the reaction of fluorine with water.
  • Define Avogadro’s Number.
  • What is meant by mole?
  • Differentiate between shell and subshell.
  • Write the electronic configuration of argon. (Ar=18)
  • Write the trend of the shielding effect in period and group.-
  • Define electronegativity.
  • Why atomic number is a more fundamental
  • property than atomic mass?
  • Write the names of elements of the first period.
  • Differentiate between organic and inorganic chemistry-
  • Define physical and nuclear chemistry.
  • Which gases are present and abundant in the air? Write any four names.
  • How was it proved that the whole mass of an atom is located in its center?
  • How anode rays are formed from the gas present in the discharge tube?
  • How do Newlands arrange the elements?
  • Define atomic radius. What are SI units of atomic radius?-
  • What are transition metals?
  • How coordinate covalent bond is formed in an NH, ion?
  • Define intermolecular forces and give an example.
  • Write two differences between polar and non-polar compounds.
  • Convert units 750°C to K and 100 K to °C.
  • State Charles’s law.
  • What is the difference between evaporation and condensation?
  • Write any two important chemical properties of metals.
  • What are the ove uses of platinum?
  • Differentiate between solute and solvent.
  • What is the % mass/mass?
  • What is the colloid solution?
  • How saturated solution becomes a super-saturated solution?
  • Define oxidation reaction.
  • Which are strong electrolytes?
  • What is the basic function of the salt bridge?
  • What is alloying?
  • Define nuclear chemistry
  • Define the chemical formula.
  • What is a polyatomic molecule? Give an example.
  • Describe the electronic configuration of chlorine..
  • Write any two properties of neutron particles.
  • Differentiate between groups and periods.
  • Why does ionization energy decrease in groups?
  • Define atomic radius.
  • Define a double covalent bond and give an example.
  • Write any two properties of ionic compounds.
  • What are synthetic adhesives?
  • Define pressure and write its unit.
  • Write the name of two factors that affect the boiling point of liquids.
  • Why does evaporation increase with the mutase o temperature?
  • What are genes? Write their names.
  • What do you mean by 24-carat gold?
  • Write the formula used for the preparation of the molar solution.
  • Define solubility.
  • What type of solution is an alloy? Give an example.
  • Why test tube becomes cold when (KNO) is dissolved in water?
  • What is the tin coating? Write its use.
  • Differentiate between oxidizing and reducing agents.
  • Name the by-products produced in Nelson’s cell.
  • What happens at the cathode in a galvanic cell?
  • Define substance and mixture.
  • Write down the chemical formula of sugar and silicon dioxide.
  • Define atomic mass unit. Write down its value in grams.
  • Write down the electronic configuration of 18Ar.
  • Define atomic radius.
  • When does an electron emit or absorb energy?
  • Define periodic law.
  • Write down the trend of electron affinity in periods.
  • Define convalent bond
  • What is the relationship between electronegativity and polarity?
  • When double covalent bond? Give an example.
  • State Boyle’s law.
  • Why is evaporation a continuous process?
  • Define dilute solution and concentrated solution.
  • Define saturated solution.
  • What is molarity?
  • Define reduction.
  • What is the oxidation number? Give an example
  • What are weak electrolytes? Give an example
  • What is rusting of iron? Write down its important condition.
  • Write any four names of very reactive metals.
  • Write down any two uses of platinum.
  • Write down any two chemical properties of non-metals.
  • Write down a balanced chemical equation showing the chemical reaction of fluorine with water.

Chemistry class 9 important Long questions

  • (a) Calculate the number of moles and number of molecules present in 6 grams of water.
  • (b) Write any two results of Ruther Ford’s experiment and two defects of Ruther Ford’s atomic model.
  • (a) What is an ionic between sodium and chlorine atoms?
  • (b) Differentiate between crystalline and amorphous solids.
  • (a) What is a galvanic cell? Write four differences between electrolytic and galvanic cells.
  • (b) Define solubility. Describe the effect of temperature.
  • (a) Write down any five properties of Cathode rays.
  • (b) Write a note on any four branches of Chemistry.
  • (a) Explain hydrogen bonding with respect to intermolecular forces.
  • (b) Describe experimental verification of Charles’s law.
  • Write any three rules for assigning oxidation numbers.
  • (b) Write four physical properties of metals and non-metals.
  • (a) Describe Bohr’s atomic model in detail.
  • (b) Describe any four properties of a compound
  • (a) Define metal bonds Explain along with a diagram.
  • (b) State Charles’s low. Describes mathematical expression.
  • Mowat you prepare NaOH from brine in Nelson Cell? Write in detail.
  • (b) Write four important chemical properties of nonmetals.
  • (a) Differentiate between Rutherford’s and Bohr’s atomic theory.
  • What is meant by the Physical and chemical properties of matter? Explain with examples.
  • (a) Define and explain coordinate covalent bonds with examples.
  • What is vapor pressure? On which factors vapor pressure does depend?
  • (a) Describe the electroplating of chromium.
  • Calculate the molarity of a solution that is prepared by dissolving 28.4 g of Na2SO4 in 400cm3 of solution.
Chemistry Guess Paper
9th Class Chemistry Guess Paper


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