9th Class Chemistry Chapter 2 Important Long Questions 2024

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Class 9 Chemistry Chapter 2 Notes

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9th Class Chemistry Chapter 2 Structure of Atoms Long Questions Notes

  • How are cathode rays produced? What are its five major characteristics?
  • How was it proved that electrons are fundamental particles of an atom?
  • Draw a labeled diagram to show the presence of protons in the discharge tube and explain how canal rays were produced.
  • How Rutherford discovered that an atom has a nucleus located at the center of the atom?
  • One of the postulates of Bohr’s atomic model is that the angular momentum of a moving electron is quantized. Explain its meaning and calculate the angular momentum of the third orbit (i.e. n=3)
  • How did Bohr prove that an atom must exist?
  • What do you mean by electronic configuration? What are the basic requirements while writing the electronic configuration of an element (atom)?
  • Describe the electronic configuration of Na, Mg, and Al ions. Do they have the same number of electrons in the outermost shell?
  • Give the applications of isotopes in the field of radiotherapy and medicines.
  • What is an isotope? Describe the isotopes of hydrogen with diagrams.

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9th Class Chemistry Chapter 2 Questions


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