2nd Year Chemistry Guess Paper 2024

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2nd Year Chemistry Chapter Wise Notes

  • Chapter 1 Periodic Classification Of Elements And Periodicity
  • Chapter 2 S-Block Elements
  • Chapter 3 Group III A and Group IVA Elements
  • Chapter 4 Group VA and Group VIA Elements
  • Chapter 5 The Halogens And The Noble Gases
  • Chapter 6 Transition Elements
  • Chapter 7 Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry
  • Chapter 8 Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
  • Chapter 9 Alkyl Halides
  • Chapter 10 Alcohols, Phenols And Ethers
  • Chapter 11 Aldehydes and Ketones
  • Chapter 12 Carboxylic Acids
  • Chapter 13 Macromolecules
  • Chapter 14 Common Chemical Industries in Pakistan
  • Chapter 15 Environmental Chemistry

Many Students also searching for the 12th Class Chemistry Chapter Wise Notes but unfortunately, here you will see all chapters of Chemistry important short as well as long questions but chapter wise notes we will upload in the coming days.

Students these guess papers of Chemistry class 12 for Punjab boards:

  • 2nd Year Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Lahore Board
  • 2nd Year Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Gujranwala Board
  • 2nd Year Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Bahawalpur Board
  • 2nd Year Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 D.G.Khan Board
  • 2nd Year Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Faisalabad Board
  • 2nd Year Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Multan Board
  • 2nd Year Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Rawalpindi Board
  • 2nd Year Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Sargodha Board

2nd Year Chemistry Guess Paper 2024

Post TopicGuess Paper 2024
Book CodeChemistry
Class12th Class
Chapter/FullFull Book
BoardsPunjab Boards: Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Bahawalpur Board, D.G.Khan Board, Faisalabad Board, Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Sargodha Board

Class 12 Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board

2nd year chemistry important short questions

  • Write down the chemistry of the box bead test.
  • Draex electronic structure of CO and CO2
  • How will you convert boric acid into borax?
  • Convert benzene into glyoxal
  • Mention the product when phenol is distilled with Zn dust by giving a reaction.
  • Give two uses of silicones.
  • Define saponification number.
  • How polyvinyl acetate is formed? Write its equation.
  • Draw the structure of cholesterol.
  • Write down the equation, when suspended impurities are removed in the colloidal form in raw water.
  • Define acid rain.
  • Mention the hazards of chloroform.
  • Give the two reactions for the preparation of NO.
  • Write down four uses of HNO3.
  • Give the reactions of H2SO, with (a) NaCt (b) KNO (iv) Convert CH, into formaldehyde by catalytic oxidation.
  • Define Markownikov’s rule. Give an example
  • Prepare ozonide from ethene. (vii) Name two main factors which (viii) Define nucleophile.
  • What 1 force theory?
  • R-X bond in alkyl halides.
  • What are heterocyclic organic compounds? Give two examples.
  • Write down four essential qualities of a good fertilizer.
  • Write down two chemical reactions involved in the preparation of urea.
  • Complete and balance the following chemical equation: KMnO4 + FeSO4+H2SO4→
  • Give systematic names of the following
  • (a) K2[Cu(CN)]
  • (b) K2[PIC]
  • What is meant by ” central metal ion”? Explain with one example.
  • How are ethene and diethyl ether produced from ethyl alcohol?
  • Explain Lucas’s test.
  • Give reactions of phenol with: (a) Bromine
  • What is Benedict’s solution
  • How does hydrazine peace Give a reaction
  • Write a reaction between acetic acid and ammonia for the formation of amide.
  • HF is a weaker acid than HC?
  • What are freons and teflon?
  • Discuss the carbonization of coal.
  • Define functional group. Give one example.
  • Why is the sigma bond inert?
  • Discuss the hydroxylation of ethene.
  • How is water added to propyne? Write reaction.
  • How are tetramethyl and tetraethyl lead prepared?
  • How can chloropropane be converted to propane?
  • Define polysaccharides, also give an example.
  • Differentiate between DNA and RNA.
  • What is the hardening of cells? Give reaction.
  • What is the Wurtz-Fitting reaction?
  • What are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons? Give two examples.
  • Convert phenol into (a) 2,4,6 tribromophenol and (ii) Cyclohexanol.
  • Write equations for the preparation of ethanol by the fermentation of Molasses.
  • What is an iodoform test?
  • Convert acetylene into acetic acid.
  • Write down the structural formulas of Glycine and Alanine amino acids.
  • How determents are a threat to aquatic animalise?
  • Write down the four harmful effects of acid rain.
  • Lanthanide contraction controls the atomic sizes of elements of the 6th and 7th periods. Give reason.
  • Explain the variations in melting points along the short periods.
  • Why is the aqueous solution of Na2CO3 alkaline in nature? Give reactions only.
  • What happens when LiOH is heated to red hot? Give reaction.
  • How does boric acid react with (a) Ethyl alcohol (B) Na2CO3
  • Give chemistry of borax-bead test.
  • Name the allotropes of phosphorus phosphorus is prepared.
  • Give the reaction of phosphorus with (a) Thionyl chloride (b) Cl2(g)
  • Briefly discuss the property of paramagnetism in WWtransition elements compounds.
  • What are: (a) Interstitial compounds (b) Substitutional alloys?
  • Briefly discuss the digestion process in paper manufacturing.
  • Discuss the reactions taking place in the first 24 hours of setting of cement.
  • What is Teflon? Write down its formula and uses.
  • Bleaching powder acts as an oxidizing agent. Explain.
  • Define metamerism. Give an example.
  • What are heterocyclic compounds? Give two examples.
  • How methane and ethane can be prepared from sodium acetate?
  • Write down any two uses of ethyne.
  • State and explain Markownikov’s rule with an example
  • What is Grignard’s reagent?
  • How it can be prepared?
  • Define nucleophile by giving its two examples
  • How is polystyrene prepared? It has two uses.
  • What is meant by the denaturation of proteins?
  • Write down the names of nitrogenous bases present in DNA
  • How can you prepare m-chloronitrobenzene from benzene?
  • Draw the structure of anthracene and phenanthrene.
  • What is Dow’s method?
  • What do you mean by denaturing alcohol?
  • Write down four uses of formaldehyde.
  • What are essential and non-essential amino acids?
  • Why the boiling points of carboxylic acids are relatively high?
  • How is oil spillage affecting the marine life?
  • What is biological oxygen demand (BOD)?
  • Why the second value of electron affinity of an element is usually shown with a positive sign?
  • Lanthanide contraction controls the atomic sizes of elements of the 6th and 7th periods. Give a reason briefly.
  • KO2 is used in breathing equipment for mountaineers and in space crafts, Why?
  • Aqueous solution of Na2CO3 is alkaline in nature. How it can be justified?
  • What is the structure of CO2 and SiO2 and why do they differ from each other?
  • How boric acid is prepared on a commercial scale from Colemanite?
  • How moderately dilute and cond. NO reacts with zinc?
  • Why is SO3 dissolved in HS and not in water?
  • What is the chrome chloride test?
  • his sacrificial corrosion?
  • Now digestion process is carried out in the paper industry.
  • What reactions take place in the setting of cement from 01 to 07 days?

2nd year chemistry important short questions

  • Define hydration energy. Give its trend in the periodic table.
  • Explain the peculiar behavior of Beryllium.
  • What happens when bleaching powder reacts with the following reagents: (i) dil. H2SOA (ii) Excess of conc. H2SO, (iii) NH, (iv) CO
  • How is urea manufactured in Pakistan? Describe in detail.
  • What is orbital hybridization? Explain the geometry of ethyne by sp hybridization
  • Explain Friedel-Craft’s acylation of benzene along with its mechanism.
  • How can ethyne be converted into: (i) Oxalic acid? (ii) Acetaldehyde.
  • Discuss Syl mechanism for nucleophilic substitution reaction of alkyl halide.
  • Discuss the oxidation of ketones and aldehydes in detail.
  • How can you prepare the following from ethanoic acid: (i) Ethyl alcohol. (ii) Ethane. (iii) Sodium acetate. (iv) Acetic anhydride.
  • Write down two points of similarities and two points of differences between hydrogen and halogen
  • Give one method for the preparation of H3BO3. How does it react with :(i) NaOH (ii) Na2CO3 (iii) C2H5OH
  • Discuss hard-finish plasters and cement plaster.
  • How steel is manufactured by Bessemer process.
  • Discuss the structure of ethyne on the basis of sp-hybridization.
  • Convert ethyl bromide into (i) Ethane. (ii) Propane. (iii) Ethyl alcohol (iv) n-Butane Q.8(a) Give the reaction of ethene with (i) H2SO4 (ii) O3 (iii) HOX (iv) Br2
  • Describe the various tests for the identification of carbon compounds (Any four):
  • Write the mechanism of nitration and sulphonation of benzene
  • Describe the two reactions of alcohol and phenol in which the “H” bond breaks.
  • Explain periodic trends in the following physical properties: (i) ionization energy) Metallic character
  • Discuss the importance of oxides of lead in paints.
  • Write down the names and formulas of the four minerals of sodium.
  • Give systematic names to the following complexes. i) Naз[CoF6] [Cr(OH)3(H2O)3] ii) K2[PtCl] [Co(NH3)6]Cl3
  • Define hybridization. Explain SP hybridization with the formation of ethyne.
  • Compare SN1 reactions with SN2 reactions by four points.
  • Give the mechanism of the following reactions: i) Ethene with Br2
  • Ethene with ozone What are condensation reactions?
  • Explain the mechanism of Aldol condensation.
  • Write down four methods of preparation of benzene.
  • Write down the reactions of phenol in which the benzene ring is used.

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12th Class Chemistry Guess Paper
12th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board


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