1st Year Physics Guess Paper 2024

Students if you are looking for the 11th Class Physics Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board if yes? then you visit the right place where you can easily find the Physics most important short questions and long questions only without answers but your duty to find answers from your 11th class Physics book.

Students you know that these Guess Paper 2024 of Class 11 Physics are helpful so don’t ignore them to read and find answers from your textbook or Physics key book of the 1st year where you are comfortable learning.

1st Year Physics Chapter Wise Notes

  • Chapter 1 Measurements
  • Chapter 2 Vectors and Equilibrium
  • Chapter 3 Motion and Force
  • Chapter 4 Work and Energy
  • Chapter 5 Circular motion
  • Chapter 6 Fluid Dynamics
  • Chapter 7 Oscillations
  • Chapter 8 Waves
  • Chapter 9 Physical Optics
  • Chapter 10 Optical Instrument
  • Chapter 11 Heat and Thermodynamics

Many Students also searching for the 11th Class Physics Chapter Wise Notes but unfortunately, here you will see all chapters of Physics important short as well as long questions but chapter wise notes we will upload in the coming days.

Physics Guess Paper 2024 11th Class Punjab Board English Medium

Students you know these are only Physics English medium guess papers for the 11 class students of the Punjab board so please carefully read and find out answers from your English medium Physics book so that you can easily read and learn them and you know in these guess papers you will see short questions as well long questions.

Class 11 Physics Guess paper 2024 in Urdu (Urdu Medium)

Students we know that many students adopted class 11 Physics Urdu medium subjects in Pakistan but it is not bad because Urdu is our language which all cities and provinces speak during this period many students elected only 1st Year Physics English medium subject because English is an international language and all people preferred English but in this post, students you did not find any Physics Urdu medium guess paper of 11 class Physics but you can wait for that day when we will upload on this website for your help.

Students these guess papers of Physics class 11 for Punjab boards:

  • 1st Year Physics Guess Paper 2024 Lahore Board
  • 1st Year Physics Guess Paper 2024 Gujranwala Board
  • 1st Year Physics Guess Paper 2024 Bahawalpur Board
  • 1st Year Physics Guess Paper 2024 D.G.Khan Board
  • 1st Year Physics Guess Paper 2024 Faisalabad Board
  • 1st Year Physics Guess Paper 2024 Multan Board
  • 1st Year Physics Guess Paper 2024 Rawalpindi Board
  • 1st Year Physics Guess Paper 2024 Sargodha Board

1st Year Physics Guess Paper 2024

Post TopicGuess Paper 2024
Book CodePhysics
Class11th Class
Chapter/FullFull Book
BoardsPunjab Boards: Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Bahawalpur Board, D.G.Khan Board, Faisalabad Board, Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Sargodha Board

Class 11 Physics Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board

Physics class 11 important short questions

  • Write down the dimensions.
  • Coefficient of cosin (i) Pressure.
  • A light year is there in one light distance traveled by one year.
  • How many meters are art Spe Tight-3×10 m/s)
  • the uncertainty is reduced in a timing experiment?
  • Two vectors have unequal magnitudes. Can their sum be zero? Explain.
  • Under what circumstances would a vector have components that are equal in magnitude? and are two non-zero vectors. How can their scalar product be zero? How can their vector product be zero?
  • At what point or points in its path does a projectile have its minimum speed, and its maximum speed?
  • As an object is thrown vertically upwards, its velocity decreases. Is this against the law of conservation of linear momentum?
  • If ‘H’ is the height attained by a projectile and T is the time of flight, then H=1 What is impulse? How it is related to momentum?
  • A person is standing near a fast-moving train. Is there any danger that he will fall towards it?
  • Calculate the work done when a 50 kg bag of books is lifted through 50 cm.
  • When a rocket re-enters the atmosphere, its nose cone becomes very hot. Where does this heat energy come from?
  • Discuss the relation and the importance of the -ve sign in the relation U How does centripetal force act and give two forces that can provide a centripetal force to the circulating system?
  • How would you explain the concept of moment of inertia angular momentum?
  • Explain how many minimum number of oo-stationary satellites are required for global coverage of TV transmission
  • dbe the length of a simple pendulum whose period is 2 sec.?
  • Does the acceleration of a simple harmonic oscillator remain constant during its motion? Is acceleration ever zero? Explain.
  • What is meant by phase angle? Does it define the angle between maximum displacement and the driving force?
  • Why does Newton’s formula for the speed of sound have a 16% error? Support your answer with proper reasoning.
  • How beats are useful in tuning musical instruments?
  • Define the terms crest and trough.
  • Can visible light produce interference fringes? Explain.
  • How would you distinguish between unpolarized and plane-polarized light? Define air film. Write two examples.
  • Why would it be advantageous to use blue light with a compound microscope?
  • What are the uses of spectrometers?
  • Why does the pressure of a gas in a car tire increase when it is driven through some distance? Is it possible to construct a heat engine that will not expel heat into the atmosphere?
  • Derive Charles’ law from the kinetic theory of gases.
  • Define the triple point of water, and also write its value.
  • Name several repetitive phenomena occurring in nature that could serve as reasonable time standards.
  • The period of, a simple pendulum is measured by a stopwatch.
  • What type of errors are possible in the time period?
  • What choice would have made to take zero as a significant figure? Explain your reason.
  • What is your opinion on minimizing the systematic error? Support your response.
  • Explain the circumstances in which velocity ‘v’ and acceleration ‘a’ of a car are:
  • (a) Parallel (b) Anti-parallel.
  • An object is thrown upward vertically Discuss the sign of acceleration due to gravity the object is in the air relative to velocity, Is this acceleration safe for us?
  • What do you think about the acceleration of 3g or more?
  • Water flows out from a pipe at 3 kg/s and its velocity changes from 5m/s to zero on striking the ball. Calculate the force of water flow.
  • Does the entropy of a system increase or decrease due to friction?
  • What do you understand by the adiabatic process?
  • What is the condition for an ideal reversible heat engine?
  • What are the four successive processes in a petrol engine?
  • The vector sum of three vectors gives a zero resultant. What can be the orientation of the vectors?
  • Is it possible to add 6 in 41? Explain
  • If A 21-2), then what will be the orientation of A?
  • An object has 1 of potential energy. Explain what it means.
  • ve that P=F.V.
  • How energy is obtained from direct combustion and fermentation?
  • Show that orbital angular momentum L. = mvr.
  • What is meant by angular momentum? State law of conservation of angular momentum?
  • What are banked tracks? Explain briefly.
  • Can visible light produce interference fringes? Explain.
  • Why the polaroid sunglasses are better than ordinary sunglasses?
  • What is the difference between interference and diffraction of light waves?
  • Why do fog droplets appear to be suspended in the air?
  • What happens if the period of a simple length is doubled? What happened doubled?
  • Docs the acceleration of a simple harmonic oscillator remains constant during its motion? Is the acceleration ever zero?
  • What is a driven harmonic oscillator? Give example.
  • What features do longitudinal waves have in common with transverse waves?
  • As a result of a distant explosion, an observer senses a ground tremor and then hears the explosion. Why? iWhat is doppler shift?
  • Could you obtain Newton’s rings with transmitted light? If yes, would the pattern be different from that obtained with reflected light?
  • What are the conditions for detectable interference?
  • Define null vectors and equal vectors.
  • explain the right-hand rule to find the direction of the vector product.
  • Can a body rotate about its center of gravity under the action of its weight?
  • When a rocket re-enters the atmosphere, its nose cone becomes very hot. Where does this heat energy come from?
  • A girl drops a cup from a certain height, which breaks into pieces. What energy changes are involved?
  • Name different sources of geothermal energy with a brief discussion.
  • What is meant by the moment of inertia? Explain its significance.
  • Show that orbital angular momentum Lomy
  • What is the minimum orbital velocity for close orbiting satellite?
  • Write down the postulates of Huygens’s principle.
  • Can visible light produce interference fringes? Explain.
  • Explain whether Young’s experiment is an experiment for studying interference or diffraction effects of light.
  • Explain how the swing is produced in a fast-moving cricket ball.
  • Show that in SHM the acceleration is zero when the velocity is greatest and the velocity is zero when the acceleration is greatest.
  • What are damping devices? Give at least one example.
  • If the wavelength of a simple pendulum is increased four times, then what will be the effect on its time period?
  • How are beats useful in tuning musical experiments?
  • What features do longitudinal waves have in common with transverse waves?
  • What is the frequency and wavelength of 3 modes of stationary waves in a closed organ pipe?”
  • Why would it be advantageous to use blue light with a compound compound microscope?
  • Now the light signal is transmitted through the optical fibre.
  • Give the drawbacks to using the period of a simple pendulum as a time standard.
  • What are the dimensions and units of gravity on mm2? constant G in the formula F-G-
  • What are the three main frontiers of fundamental science?
  • Differentiate between precise measurement and accurate measurement.
  • Can the velocity of an object reverse the direction when acceleration is constant? It gives an example.
  • An object is thrown vertically upward. Discuss the sign of acceleration due to gravity, relative to velocity, while
  • What is a velocity-time graph? What does its slope represent?
  • A projectile is thrown horizontally from a height with a velocity of 10 mS1 and reaches the ground after 2 sec.
  • Find the horizontal distance covered by the projectile. Calculate the entropy change when 1.0 kg of ice at 0°C melts into the water at 0°C. The latent heat of the fusion of ice is L1 = 3.36 x 105 J Kg1.
  • What happens to the temperature of the room, when an. air conditioner is left running on a table in the middle of the room?
  • Give an example of a natural process that involves an increase in entropy.
  • 100 J of heat is supplied to a gas which increases its internal energy by 20 J. Find the work in the system.

Physics Class 11 important Long questions

  • Define vector or cross product. Give vector product
  • Apples. Give at least four characteristics of force required to accelerate an electron (m-9.1x10kg) from rest to a speed of 2×107ms through a distance of 5.0 cm.
  • What are geostationary orbits and geostationary satellites? Derive the relation for the radius of a geostationary satellite.
  • A football is thrown upward with an angle of 30° with respect to the horizontal. To throw a 40 m pass what must be the initial speed of the ball?
  • State and prove Bernoulli’s equation in fluid dynamics that relates the pressure to the fluid speed and height.
  • A heat engine performs 100 J of work and at the same time rejects 400 J of heat energy to the cold reservoirs. What is the efficiency of the engine?
  • What is a simple pendulum? Show that its motion is SHM. Derive an expression for its time period.
  • The wavelength of the signal from a radio transmitter is 1500 m and the frequency is 200 KHz. What is the wavelength for a transmitter operating at 1000 KHz and with what speed do the radio waves travel?
  • What is the diffraction of light? Calculate the wavelength of light used by diffraction grating.
  • A simple astronomical telescope in normal adjustment has an objective of focal length 100 cm and an eyepiece of focal length of 5.0 cm. Calculate the angular magnification. 41-223-1-(Essay Type) – 58000
  • Define the scalar product of two vectors. Give it any four characteristics.
  • A diver weighing 750 N dives from a board 10 m above the surface of a pool of water. Use the conservation of mechanical energy, to find his speed at a point 5.0 m above the water surface (ignoring friction).
  • What is meant by centripetal force? Derive its relation.5 Find the angle of projection of a projectile for which its maximum height and horizontal range are equal. State and prove Bernoulli’s equation in detail.
  • Two tuning forks exhibit beats at a beat frequency of 3 Hz. The frequency of one fork is 256 Hz. Its frequency is then lowered slightly by adding a bit of wax to one of its prongs. The two tuning forks then exhibit a beat frequency of 1 Hz. Determine the frequency of the second tuning fork.
  • Explain the Young’s double slit experiment by drawing its diagram. How are determine fringe spacing by this method?
  • A simple pendulum is 50 cm Jong What will be its frequency of vibration at a place where g = 9.8 ms 2? 3 What is Engine”? Derive the formula for its efficiency.
  • An astronomical telescope having a magnifying power of 5 consists of two thin lenses 24 cm apart. Find the focal length of the lenses.
  • What is the gravitational field? Show that the gravitational field is a conservative field.
  • The magnitude of the dot and cross products of two vectors are 6√3 and 6 respectively. Find the angle between the vectors.
  • State and explain the law of conservation of linear momentum.
  • The earth rotates on its axis once a day. Suppose by some process the earth contracts so that its radius is only half as large as at present. How fast will it be rotating then?
  • What is meant by Doppler’s effect? Discuss this effect NAN two cases
  • An observer moving towards a stationary source of sound moving away from a stationary observer
  • What gauge pressure is required in the city mains for a stream from a fire hose connected to the mains to reach a vertical height of 15.0 meters?
  • What is a simple pendulum? Show that its motion is SHM. Derive an expression for its time period. Also, find its frequency.
  • A monochromatic light of λ = 588 nm is allowed to fall on a half-silvered glass plate G1 in a Michelson interferometer.
  • If mirror M is moving through 0.233 mm. How many fringes will be observed to shift?
  • State and explain the Carnot engine and carport theorem in detail and how would you determine which fact makes the Carnot engine a superior one?
  • A telescope is made of an objective of focal length 20 cm and an eyepiece of 5.0 cm. both convex lenses. Find the angular magnification.
1st Year Physics Guess Paper
1st Year Physics Guess Paper 2024


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