10th Class Physics Guess Paper 2024

Students if you are looking for the 10th Class Physics Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board if yes? then you visit the right place where you can easily find the Physics most important short questions as well as long questions only without answers but your duty to find answers from your 10th class Physics book.

Students you know that these Guess Paper 2024 of Class 10 Physics are helpful so don’t ignore them to read and find out answers from your textbook or Physics key book of the 10th class where you are comfortable learning.

Class 10 Physics Chapter Wise Notes:

  • Chapter 10 – Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves
  • Chapter 11 – Sound
  • Chapter 12 – Geometrical Optics
  • Chapter 13 – Electrostatics
  • Chapter 14 – Current Electricity
  • Chapter 15 – Electromagnetism
  • Chapter 16 – Basic Electronics
  • Chapter 17 – Information and Communication Technology
  • Chapter 18 – Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Many Students also searching for the 10th Class Physics Chapter Wise Notes but unfortunately, here you will see all chapters of Physics important short as well as long questions but chapter wise notes we will upload in the coming days.

Physics Guess Paper 2024 10th Class Punjab Board English Medium

Students you know these are only Physics English medium guess papers for the 10 class students of the Punjab board so please carefully read and find out answers from your English medium Physics book so that you can easily read and learn them and you know in these guess papers you will see short questions as well long questions.

class 10 Physics Guess paper 2024 in Urdu (Urdu Medium)

Students we know that many students adopted class 10 Physics Urdu medium subjects in Pakistan but it is not bad because Urdu is our language which all cities and provinces speak during this period many students elected only class 10 Physics English medium subjects because English is an international language and all people preferred English but in this post students you did not find any Physics urdu medium guess paper of 10 class physics but you can wait for that day when we will upload on this website for your help.

Students these guess papers of Physics class 10 for Punjab boards:

  • Class 10 Physics Guess Paper 2024 Lahore Board
  • Class 10 Physics Guess Paper 2024 Gujranwala Board
  • Class 10 Physics Guess Paper 2024 Bahawalpur Board
  • Class 10 Physics Guess Paper 2024 D.G.Khan Board
  • Class 10 Physics Guess Paper 2024 Faisalabad Board
  • Class 10 Physics Guess Paper 2024 Multan Board
  • Class 10 Physics Guess Paper 2024 Rawalpindi Board
  • Class 10 Physics Guess Paper 2024 Sargodha Board

Class 10 Physics Guess Paper 2024

Post TopicGuess Paper 2024
Book CodePhysics
Class10th Class
Chapter/FullFull Book
BoardsPunjab Boards: Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Bahawalpur Board, D.G.Khan Board, Faisalabad Board, Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Sargodha Board

Class 10 Physics Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board

Physics class 10 important short questions

  • Define electric power and write the name of its unit.
  • Define specific resistance and write its formula.
  • Write the equation of equivalent resistance of a parallel combination of resistors and draw its circuit diagram.
  • Define the transformer and write its principle.
  • Write two factors that affect induced e.m.f.
  • How the magnetic force acting on a current-carrying wire
  • can be increased? Write two methods.
  • What is meant by background radiations, write an example also.
  • Write two characteristics of beta particles.
  • What is the necessary condition for the production of sound?
  • On what does the loudness depend?
  • What is a unit of loudness and what is it?
  • State Coulomb’s law of electrostatics and write its mathematical form.
  • What is meant by the terms electric field and electric intensity?
  • Is electric intensity a vector quantity? What will be its direction?
  • Contrast between hardware and software.
  • Which two types of waves are used in modern telecommunication?
  • The help of the diagram shows the kinetic and potential values at different rent positions in a mass-spring energy system.
  • Damping progressively reduces the amplitude of oscillation.
  • What is the nature of the image formed by the plane mirror?
  • Why the focal length of the convex mirror is taken negatively?
  • What is the difference between the principal axis and the principal focus?
  • Draw a graph of analog and digital signals.
  • Draw the circuit diagram of OR operation and AND operation. Make the truth table of OR gate.
  • What is the cause of the flow of current in electrolytes? State Ohm’s law and write its equation.
  • Can magnetic poles be separated? How?
  • What is the right-hand rule to determine the magnetic poles of a current-carrying coil?
  • Write the working principle of an electric motor.
  • Is it possible for an element to have different types of atoms? Explain.
  • Give two examples of the production of radioisotopes.
  • Find the number of protons and neutrons in the nuclide.
  • Define loudness. On what factors does the loudness of sound depend?
  • Define sound waves and write an example.
  • Enlist four uses of capacitors.
  • Define Columbus’s law and write its equation.
  • Define the Internet and write two services of the Internet.
  • What is the difference between RAM and ROM memories?
  • Calculate the frequency of a sound wave of speed 340ms and wavelength 0.5m.
  • What are Browsers? Give their two examples.
  • What is meant by the diffraction of waves?
  • Define the spring constant and write its formula.
  • Describe the conditions for total internal reflection.
  • Differentiate between the core and cladding of an optical fiber.
  • What is meant by near point of an eye?
  • How the filament is heated in an oscilloscope and why it is ANU (reason) heated!
  • Draw the symbolic diagram of the OR gate and write down its truth table.
  • If f = 2Hz and 2=0.2m then calculate the speed and time period.
  • Define kilowatt-hour, also write down a formula to find energy in kilowatt-hour.
  • In order to measure current in a circuit why ammeter is always connected in series?
  • Draw a labeled diagram to illustrate the structure of the transformer.
  • Define Lenz’s law.
  • Define the Fission reaction and write down its equation.
  • Write down the alpha decay process for Pa 234
  • What is the difference between atomic number and atomic mass?
  • How many watt-hours are there in 1000 Joules?
  • What are mechanical waves?
  • Write down an example A wave moves on a slinky with a frequency of 4 Hz and wavelength of 0.4 m. What is the speed of the wave?
  • Define the power of the lens and also write down its formula.
  • What is the difference between real and virtual?
  • Name two factors that can enhance thermionic emission.
  • Define analog quantities and give examples.
  • Draw a symbolic diagram for the NAND gate and also write down its truth table.
  • Differentiate between longitudinal and transverse waves.
  • Describe the use of ultrasound for thyroid glands.
  • What is the role of compressions and rarefactions in the propagation of sound waves?
  • The capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor is 100 μF If the potential difference between the plates is 50 volts. find the quantity of charge stored on each plate.
  • Define the quality and pitch of the sound.
  • How the sound waves are changed into electrical signals, and how are these transmitted?
  • What is sound and how is it produced?
  • What is a parallel plate capacitor? Draw its diagram.
  • What are secondary storage devices? Give an example
  • What is the importance of circuit diagrams and electric symbols?
  • Define resistance and write down its unit.
  • State Joule’s law and write down its formula.
  • On which principle walk through metal detectors work?
  • What is the shape of the magnetic field produced by a coil?
  • How do researchers check the action of fertilizers in plants?
  • What is meant by nuclear transmutation?
  • Write down the general equation of gamma decay.
  • Define loudness. Does o sound dependent?
  • On which factors does the loudness of
  • Why ultrasound is useful in the medical field?
  • What is the difference between data and information?
  • What is the difference between RAM and ROM memories?
  • Define Coulomb’s law. Write down its formula.
  • Discuss the application of static electricity with one example.
  • Define pitch and quality of sound.
  • Define capacitance and write down its unit.
  • Find the time period and frequency of a simple pendulum 1.0 meter long at the location where g 10mS
  • Which type of waves requires no medium for their propagation?
  • Make a diagram for the refraction of light through a glass block and label it.
  • What is the resolving power of an instrument?
  • What is meant by thermionic emission?
  • Differentiate between digital and analog electronics.
  • Draw the symbol diagrams of the AND gate and NAND gate.
  • the wave moves on a slinky with a frequency of 4 Hz and wavelength of 0.4 m. What is the speed of the wave?

Physics Class 10 important Long questions

  • (a) What is electromagnetic induction? Explain it with an activity.
  • (b) Ashes from a campfire deep in a cave show carbon-14 activity only one-eighth the activity of fresh wood. How long ago was the campfire made?
  • (a) Explain the electrostatic by example of electrostatic spray painting.
  • (b) A doctor counts 72 heartbeats in one minute. Calculate the frequency and period of the heartbeats..
  • (a) Indicate the objects of the cathode ray oscilloscope. Show its different parts with a diagram.
  • (b) A pendulum of length 0.99m is taken to the moon by an astronaut. The period of the pendulum is 4.9s. What is the value of ‘g’ on the surface of the moon?
  • (a) What is e.m.f.? Explain the method to measure e.m.f. with a diagram. trainers
  • (b) A step-down transformer has a turns ratio of 100:1. An ac voltage of amplitude 170V is applied to the primary. If the current in the primary is 1.0 m, A what is the current in the secondary?
  • (a) How optical fibers are used as a channel of transmission of light signals? Explain it with a diagram.
  • (b) The electric potential at a point in an electric field is 10′ V. If a charge of 100uC is brought from infinity to this point what would be the amount of work done on it?
  • (a) Define simple harmonic motion and prove with an example that the mass attached to the spring shows simple harmonic motion. Also, .draw its label diagram.
  • (b) An object 4 cm high is placed at a distance of 12cm from a convex lens of focal length 8 cm. Calculate the position and size of the image.
  • (a) Explain the use of electromagnet in the relay with a diagram Two resistances of 6 KQ and 12 KQ are connected in parallel.
  • (b) A 6V battery is connected across its ends. Find the value of the following quantities:
  • (i) Equivalent resistance of the parallel combination (ii) Current passing through each of the resistance
  • (iii) Potential difference across each of the resistance.
  • (a) What is meant by electrostatics? Explain it with an example of the electrostatic air cleaner.
  • (b) A sound wave has a frequency of 2 KHz and a wavelength of 35 cm now long will it take to travel 1.5 km?
  • (a) Write down different features of the compound microscope. Determine its magnification through a ray diagram.
  • (b) A wooden bar vibrating into the water surface in a ripple tank has a frequency of 12 Hz. The resulting wave has a wavelength of 3 cm. What is the speed of the wave?
  • (a) What is meant by e.m.f? Explain the method to measure e.m.f with a diagram.
  • (b) A step-up transformer has a turn ratio of 1:100. An alternating supply of 20 V is connected across the primary coil. What is the secondary voltage (Vs)?
  • (a) Explain the transmission of light signals through optical fibers with a diagram.
  • (b) A normal conversation involves sound intensities of about 3×10-6 wm2. What is the decibel level for this intensity? What is the intensity of the sound for 100 dB?
  • (a) Explain activity waves as carriers of energy.
  • (b) An object 4 cm high is placed at a distance of 12 cm from a convex lens of focal length 8 cm. Calculate the position and size of the image. Also, state the nature of the image.
Physics Guess Paper
10th Class Physics Guess Paper Punjab Board


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