10th Class Physics Chapter 2 (11) Important Long Questions 2024

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Class 10 Physics Chapter 2 Notes

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Book CodePhysics
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Chapter/FullChapter 2
BoardPunjab Board

Class 10 Physics Chapter 11 Important Long Questions

  • Why two tin cans with a string stretched between them could be a better way to communicate than merely shouting through the air?
  • We can recognize persons speaking with the same loudness in their voice. How is this possible?
  • You can listen to your friend round a corner, but you cannot watch him/her. Why?
  • Why must the volume of a stereo in a room with wall-to-wall carpet be tuned higher than in a room with a wooden floor?
  • A student says that the two terms speed and frequency of the wave refer to the same thing. What is your response?
  • Two people are listening to the same music at the same distance. They disagree on its loudness. Explain how this could happen.
  • Is there any difference between echo and reflection of sound? Explain.
  • Will two separate 50 dB sounds together constitute a 100 dB sound? Explain. Why ultrasound is useful in the medical field?
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