10th Class Physics Chapter 13 Important Long Questions 2024

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Class 10 Physics Chapter 13 Notes

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Chapter/FullChapter 13
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Class 10 Physics Chapter 13 Important Long Questions

  • An electrified rod attracts pieces of paper. After a while, these pieces fly away! Why?
  • How much negative charge has been removed from a positively charged –11 electroscope, if it has a charge of 7.5 × 10 C?
  • In what direction will a positively charged particle move in an electric field?
  • Does each capacitor carry an equal charge in a series combination? Explain.
  • Each capacitor in a parallel combination has an equal potential difference between its two plates. Justify the statement.
  • Perhaps you have seen a gasoline truck trailing a metal chain beneath it. What purpose does the chain serve?
  • If a high-voltage power line fell across your car while you were in the car, why should you not come out of the car?
  • Explain why, a glass rod can be charged by rubbing when held by hand but an iron rod cannot be charged by rubbing if held by hand.
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Physics Chapter 13 Long Questions


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