10th Class Computer Chapter 5 MCQs Notes 2024

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Class 10 Computer Chapter 5 Notes

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10th Class Computer Chapter 5 MCQs Notes

1: Functions could be built-in or.

a) admin defined
b) server-defined
c) user-defined
d) Both a and c

2: The functions which are available in C Standard Library are called

a) user-defined
b) built-in.
c) recursive
d) repetitive

3: The values passed to a function are called

a) bodies
b) return types
c) arrays
d) arguments

4: char cd() { return ‘a’). In this function “char” is.

a) body
b) return type
c) array
d) arguments

5: The advantages of using functions are.

a) readability
b) reusability
c) easy debugging
d) all

6: If there are three return statements in the function body, they will be executed.

a) one
b) two
c) three of
d) first and last

7: Readability helps to_______the code.

a) understand
b) modify
c) debug
d) all

8: means to transfer the control to another function.

a) calling
b) defining
c) re-writing
d) including

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